My safety is a wall
An impenetrable force standing wide and tall
It is an invisible but protective structure
That will mislead another
into thinking that I am open to be used
and willing to be abused
I have you fooled because I smile and am quiet
into thinking you’ve got it
Until you hit my own version of safety
Body hurt, Left perplexed because you could not see
Now it stands there
imposingly tall
You try to climb it only to fall,
hurting your pride as you slam into the ground
You push against it uncertain if its sound
but you fail because this wall was built long ago
with bricks made of disrespect, abuse, lies, a pain I didn’t know
Stuck together with thoughtlessness, ignorance and empathy
I used those materials to construct a wall so high and so wide for me
that i too became a part of it
a hardened force not to be broken, cracked, damaged and split
I am safe

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