From past to present you are there for me
I your xeroxed copy from your womb
Young and in awe of you
No greater role model
The stories of your past
Served as guidance for my future
Reminders of shared dreams left to achieve
Ambition gleamed from you
Like a reflection from the suns rays
And I wanted to bask
In the being of you
Tiny feet in too large heels
Waiting until I was big
I had plans
Hair light brown
My first color of choice
I still am influenced by your trends
With hopes to be just like you
Who moves effortlessly from young diva
to wise sage and back again
No one can capture you
Giving beyond yourself
Knowing that our successes
are the realizations of your dreams
Which will entwine themselves back
Into your own reality
You are fierce
Knowing that we are you
You identify with our struggles
As if they were your own
We were never alone
You are a presence
surrounding us like warmth on a summer afternoon
Taken for granted to remain always
Like water your role in our life changes shape
Story teller
Thank you.

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