Random Music That Won’t Leave My Head

Yep, another music entry. Can’t help it, I’m a writer and music inspires me profoundly. These are my most recent downloads that get me to creating, exercising, day dreaming or dancing around my room like I’m on So You Think You Can Dance.

Lykke Li- Follow Rivers- This artist was played a few times on So You Think You Can Dance and although I didn’t see the movie Columbiana, the song for it kept getting in my head every time I saw the commercial and I don’t mind at all! I also like her song Little Bit which the rapper Drake has also used in one of his songs.

The Black Kids-  I’m Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance- So this group is not all black in case you were wondering, just the brother and sister. I love this song because it has an 80s vibe that I adore. When I hear it I want to dance around my room doing the Carlton Dance from the Fresh Prince in Bel air. And they are from my family’s hometown of Jacksonville, Florida!

Chonique Sneed- Pop Drop and Roll- I heard this song on So You Think You Can Dance. Maybe it was the all girl routine that got me to like it but I rushed to down load it and when I hear it, it gets me shaking.

Otis Redding- Try A Little Tenderness- Yes, this song is as old as Moses but it’s just great. So great that Jay-Z and Kanye made a remix of it. But that’s not what got me to like it. Nope. It was the classic Pretty in Pink movie in which the character of Ducky (played by Jon Cryer whom I loved at the time simply for this role) lip sang this song to Molly Ringwold’s character when she was feeling down. When I hear this song, it is this scene that I remember. For that reason that is the video I choose to put up.

Any songs, old or new, that just won’t leave your head?

One comment

  1. Ok, I will have to look into that Chonique Sneed cause that beat is up my alley.

    The Otis Redding song I love and I first heard it on Pretty In Pink. Love that scene with Ducky.


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