So not Top 40

Inspired by deep honey’s blog post I decided to do a list of my own of songs that I really like (not just out this year) that you just don’t hear on your top 40 radios. Hey, alternative, neo soul and so forth need love too!

  1. K-OS- He’s one of those rap artist/singers that you’ve heard in the background of commercials and tv shows/movies but didn’t know who it was. Some of my favs from him are Crabbuckit, Sunday Morning, Man I Used to Be
  2. Lykki Li- It’s hard to describe her music, it can be random. Sometimes Pop, RnBish. Some of my favorites are,  I Follow Rivers, Little Bit (with Drake), Get Some
  3. The Heavy- How You Like Me Now– You have heard this song everywhere except the radio. Why? This song is awesome! Feel like doing a James Brown dance to this…but I won’t.
  4. Santigold- This girl right chere, she is crazy and by crazy I mean good. Alternative pop artist. Love it! My favs- L.e.s ArtistesLights Out, Go
  5. Goldfrapp- Best way to describe her- alternative, pop, dance and another artist you hear in commercials- favs-O0h La La, Strict Machine
  6. Frou Frou- cool breezy, alternative/adult contemporary type- my favs- Breathe In, Let Go
  7. Noisettes- Rock/Pop, usually upbeat and fast- Favs- Don’t Upset the Rhythm, Sister Rosetta
  8. Ray Lamontange- Soulful/Folk, old school- Best Thing and Trouble
  9. VV Brown- Pop/RnB sound with a little retro to it. Favs- Shark in the Water, L.O.V.E
  10. ZZ Ward- RnB/Pop- Put the Gun Down, Till the Casket Drops

I think I have a pattern in that I am appreciating foreign artist more (especially British and the old school/retro sound). I think I am rebelling against the factory sound coming out of America lately. Radio, artists and record companies are too afraid to take chances. I was excited to finally hear Fitz and the Tantrums out now (although my fav is Moneygrabber) get some attention, maybe a change will happen. Till then, main radio- ZZZ

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