My Top Christmas Songs That Bring Good Cheer

Ok so I’m pretty unique in that I love Christmas (voice laced in sarcasm) but nothing makes me more happy besides spending time with family, eating yummy food and watching holiday movies than hearing a good Christmas tune. It just puts me in a festive mood. I can be scrubbing the floors and having a blast if I’m doing it while listening to a jingle melody. And it’s not just the music but the memories and feelings that come along with it.

So I asked myself, I said, “Cosmo Girl”, because that’s what I call myself, “If you had to pick, what would be your top five Christmas songs?” And so I present to you my holly, jolly, feeling the holidays top songs.

  • All I Want For Christmas Is You- Mariah Carey- I wish I had her voice, pre- Nick Cannon. Every time I hear this song I have to bob my head. And of course it brings back memories of my favorite romance movie (and that’s a short list since I don’t like that sappy stuff), Love Actually (really sweet movie, dude from The Walking Dead is in it).
  • This Christmas- Donny Hathaway- This is the all time favorite/must on any play list for a soulful Christmas sound. Christmas will not come and go without this song playing in my vicinity.

  • Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer- The Temptations- This is all pure nostalgia. When I was a little girl I loved listening to my parents records and a Motown Christmas was one of them. I remember doing my own little performance to this song when I was little so when I hear it now it makes me smile and think of childhood.

  • What Christmas Means To Me- Stevie Wonder- It’s Stevie, he is awesome.  It’s got a happy beat. That is all.

  •  The Christmas Song- Nat King Cole- I grew up with a fire place and played this song. Felt cool. Plus I like to sing and I would slay this song (at least I thought so). Plus it gives me the warm n fuzzes.

Don’t see your favorite song? What songs get you in the holiday spirit?

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