What’s your vision?

Blond tresses perfectly coifed, flawless skin, outfit on fleek to hug her curves all day every day, and stellar songs for any occasion. If you think Beyonce really “wakes up like this” you’re not a crazy in love fan of Queen Bey. You’re just plain crazy.

Beyonce is indeed a woman of many talents, but even the diva of all divas has to make practical decisions to get superior results.

Prior planning prevents poor performance. You cannot expect a win without a game plan. No dream home was built without a blueprint. And contrary to popular belief, success cannot happen overnight. Even the singer who gets discovered inadvertently has to put in prior work with recording demos, voice lessons, and whatever else is needed to make that happenstance moment count.

Think about your own life and goals. Where do you want to be in your career next year? What getaway vacations do you desire to take? How small do you want that waistline to be for your class reunion? You can’t get too far without a plan of action because the good book states that faith without work is dead. It also says that we need to write the vision down and make it plain. That means be specific about what you want God to do for you in this season.

I challenge each and every one of my followers to create a 2015 vision board because, in all honesty, most of us operate on the principle “out of sight; out of mind”. So if you literally see it on a big ole poster, that’s an even closer step to mental manifestation! Don’t know the first thing about making a board? Grab the January issue of Essence for Lucinda Cross’s article.

Be wise and prepare for the best year of your life thus far. Of course, you can expect a few mistakes and moments of self-doubt, but with a plan built on purpose, those moments will not be the end of you. You’re just a vision board and a prayer away from having your own Bey-like victory if you give it your all. Get your life in 2015!

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