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So some time ago I caught an episode of the talk show The Real where they discussed friendship. Tamar Braxton (ghetto fabulous and cracks me up) said she stopped being friends with two women she introduced who then became friends and hung out without her. Her reaction seemed extreme but I get how a person could be hurt when people you introduce to each other go out without you. I once had a friend in a joking matter (I think) complain that I stole his friend away from him.large

As a general practice I very easily share my friends and those friends become friends with each other. I typically don’t mind it. But then I’ll admit, I do get a bit miffed if those friends don’t share their friends. If the sharing is not reciprocated I get bothered. Then I start to wonder if I should rethink being so open with my friendships. Some of my friends do share their friends but I have some that don’t and I can’t help but give the squinty eyed sideways look and wonder if maybe they don’t like me enough to introduce me to their other friends. Hey, i’m type A and I over think things.

And when my friends who I have introduced become tight, well it feels like I been friendship jacked. You never saw Miranda hanging with Samantha without Carrie (unless she was with her man). And Dorothy held the Golden Girls together. When they had that series Gold Palaces without her, well, there was a reason it was only one season. Sorry, I will forever use Sex and the City and Golden Girls in my analogies.

Ultimately, as long as folks aren’t hanging out without you or not inviting you out then there is nothing to be bothered by. Some people don’t make friends that easily and I have always put myself out there to make friends and have been pretty lucky in that department and for that I’m thankful. But sometimes, sometimes, it’s nice to have a separate circle or pal to confide in that doesn’t know everybody your know and is your own.

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