My Top Places to Shop in Baltimore

And now we enter my final (for now) ode to Baltimore with SHOPPING! Ah, yes, nothing makes a Type A girl more cosmo than the love of shopping. In fact, since leaving Baltimore I miss my downtown shopping experiences. Don’t sleep on good ole Bmore, we have a great arts scene in all respects. Don’t believe me?  Check out the yearly Artscape.

But my favorite art (other than writing of course) is clothing design (well, looking at it). And I love a good boutique. I have fond memories of these spots and have been recommended several. Check them out if you are a shopping diva like moi.


Farmers market and Bazaar- K, so I know this is not a store but seriously ya’ll (she says in her southern drawl), this is the best farmer’s market in all respects. But speaking only to the clothing and accessories side- it’s awesome. I’ve gotten many a great find from here and miss my lazy Sunday mornings of walking over here from my Mt. Vernon pad to get food, jewelry and clothes.

Vintage- Baltimore is a quirky, artistic town (and many a TV show and movie has been filmed here) so of course the vintage fashion is something to check out. Check these second time around stores out- The Zone (Mt. Vernon), Killer Trash (Fells Point), and Damsel in Designer (Canton)

Hip- I love a good girlie boutique and can recommend these places for trendy, fun fashion- Party Dress Boutique (Fells Point), Katwalk- (Fells Point and my personal all time favorite boutique in Baltimore) , Cloud 9 (many spots in Baltimore including Canton), Lovelace (Downtown), and poppy and stella (Fells Point)

Unique- If you are looking for something more exclusive or with a twist check out- Exclusively Yours (Mt. Vernon) K Stanton boutique (Hampden- for the curvy ladies),and Ma Petite Shoe– (Hampden- chocolate, wine, desserts and shoes! oh my!)

And there is so much more.  Any shops I’m missing that you’d recommend?

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