Where Have All the Theme Songs Gone?

I just finished binge watching The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and that dang theme song is in my head and won’t leave. So that got me to thinking, where have all the theme songs (or melodies) gone? Yes, it saves time to go straight to the show but there is something to having a good intro that makes a show memorable and brings back a certain nostalgia long after a show has ended.

So for memories sake here are my all-time favorite TV theme intros (not all with lyrics) in no order:

 Good Times– Although this show came out before my time reruns are a great thing because this show is now part of my growing up culture.

Sex and the City (no words)- I heart this show much to the annoyance of practically any guy I’ve dated. So when I hear this theme music I’m already searching for my Carrie pink Tutu (don’t worry, I don’t have one).


Fresh Prince of Bel Air – We all know the lyrics to this song and it is one of the few raps I can do all the way through.


Facts of Life– Another show that I caught mostly in its later years and rerun status but it is still a heavy part of my growing up. Such a corny and cute show.


Golden Girls- I will still watch this all day, every day. The song is so cute (and my sister’s class had to sing it at their kindergarten graduation hehe)


Living Single– In a 90s kind of world I’m glad I got my girls. I still say “true blue, we tight like glue”.


In Living Color- Like Heavy D said, take it from me it’s alright to be In Living Color.  I think I actually danced whenever this came on. Still kinda sorta want to be a Fly Girl.


Rosanne (no words)- I loved me some Rosanne and her intros. Although in retrospect her intro did sound a bit like a run down truck stop strip club.


Jem and the Holograms- If I had to choose only one cartoon theme song (and lucky I don’t) this one is my all-time favorite. I will not acknowledge the remake.

 Sponge Bob Square Pants– Yes, I’m well aware that I was at least a teen or even in my twenties when this cartoon first came out but the darn theme is so catchy!


Different World- The first season theme song is not as good but when you got Aretha in on the song I loved it and even the final season Boys II Men version is on point.


Dawson’s Creek– Poor Paula Cole, not so sure she envisioned this teen show when she sang this song but hey, now it will forever be in my mind.


Married With Children – Love how this Frank Sinatra song just ended midway, good indicator of how the show was anything but sweet.


Fraggle Rock- I’m sure the makers might have been on something when they came up with this show but I was a kid and I loved it.


Saved by the Bell– C’mon, if you were under the age of 18 when this show came out you know this theme song.


The Jeffersons– Ya know, I don’t remember much about this show. I know I watched it in syndication but darn if I don’t know this theme song like it just came out on the radio.


Tiny Toon Adventures – Aww, childhood memories…


Alvin and the Chipmunks– I LOVED all things Alvin and the Chipmunks growing up (but I’m side eyeing the live action movies).


Ducktales- The best early 90s era theme music for a cartoon. You can do a mean Carlton dance to this one. I’m not saying I was doing that but…


Now I know I left MANY off but I just had to narrow it down to shows I loved watching back in the day although there were themes songs I liked from shows I really didn’t watch (Cheers anyone?). There are more shows I loved but I could be here all day reminiscing on my childhood TV (especially the cartoon songs and yes I know I left Friends off) so I will step away and leave these here. Any TV songs that bring back memories for you?


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