SATC Talk: The Man, The Myth…: Dating Urban Legends

Episode 8 of season 2 is another favorite, particularly because it focuses on the idea of dating urban myths. You’ve know them, a friend of a friend finds true love in ways we are told you really shouldn’t expect it. You don’t know this friend twice removed so you can’t verify it’s truth but, well, we still hold out a little hope for the sake of positive thinking. Here are some of my top dating urban myths:

  • Making a relationship out of a one night stand: This is one of the themes in this episode. Miranda hooks up with Steve the bartender and initially just brushes him off as a one night stand. But good ole Steve wants more. This scene always gets the girlie girl in me.

The cynic in me won’t hold my breath that this actually happens but the romantic in me thinks this is just so sweet.

  • Marriage after knowing someone less than a year: In our society we’ve all heard of the couple who knew each other a couple of months (or less) who fall madly in love and get married and stay that way for years and years. Sure it happens but normally we give side eyes to each other if we hear about a couple getting married after knowing each other less than a year. However, as a child of parents who were married darn near 20 years after knowing each other like six months, I’m a little open minded here.
  • A guy changing his ways for you: In the episode we see Big come through and join Carrie and the gals just as they were going to dismiss him for being a no show (as shown in the clip above). It was one of the last episodes, until the finale, that I like Big. Sadly, this has yet to happen to me or anyone that I know of. Now I’m not talking about getting a guy to pick up his socks off the floor. I’m talking about having a guy change a personality trait or a relationship habit to encourage and foster the relationship. Especially an older, set in his ways, guy. I think we women always have hope that if a guy is ready to settle down and really loves us that this will happen. It’s the hope that gets us to stick around even in bad situations. I feel we should have a balance. Express our desire for this “habit” to change but give ourselves an out if it doesn’t. Because, well, we can’t change a man (or woman). They have to want to change on their own.
  • Meeting the love of your life online: About ten years ago I think if we were dating online we’d want to keep it hush hush. Sure we knew by then that not everyone on line was from To Catch a Predator or the headline behind that Saturday night Lifetime movie. However, it still felt a little, well, desperate. Now in the age of technology and our slow domination by computers (did I say that out loud, sorry too much Matrix), everything online is the way to go. You can shop, order food, make friends, do a workout, conduct a meeting and yes, find a date online. But is it still the stuff of legends to find “the one” on line? I dare say, nope! I know quite a few people who have met some husbands and had significant relationships with people they met online. I’m not one of them but since I know this to be true, I’m open to the possibility. Just meet them as soon as possible (no Catfish please).
  • Side chicks wining. Lookahere (she says in her southern accent), you are a sad Love and Hiphop character if you think the man will leave his wife for you or that he will treat you better than he did his wife if does he does leave her. For the most part you will not find happily ever after being his mistress/side chick.

Do you know of any dating urban legends or have a story of an urban legend coming true?

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