SATC Talk: The Good Fight: Reality Check On Living With Your Significant Other

In Season 4 Episode 13 Aiden moves into Carrie’s small  little apartment (we never see Aiden’s pad but I wonder how logical it was to move into an efficiency if he had something bigger). Needless to say he (along with his dog) was cramping her style big time.

This fight is all to familiar. I have had the experience of having a live in boyfriend and lemme tell ya, it’s not all peaches and cream (yum, peaches and cream oatmeal is my favorite, side track!). Sure the idea initially sounds lovely but for a Type A gal sharing a space with another is a lesson in compromise and tolerance. Like Carrie, a past boyfriend moved in to my space. He didn’t require a lot of room thankfully because I have more shoes, clothes and purses than I should really have. But making space was the easy part. Hard part for a type A gal? Well let me count the ways:

1) Noise. I’m a light sleeper and having another not sleep on my schedule was difficult. They’d be up watching TV and I’d be tossing and turning ready to scream from the noise of the TV. And the snoring- The Horror, The Horror!

2) Mess. I’m not super duper neat but I’m tidy enough.  I used to  (operative word being “used” to”) have a regimen of cleaning house and doing laundry every Saturday morning. Bits from my childhood. Not an easy task to keep up with if another is around who doesn’t do the same or keep the place nice in between cleanings.

3) Accountability. You aren’t alone now. You have to let others know of your coming and goings or they will worry. And you will worry about them as well.

4)Privacy. It’s pretty much gone. If I’m walking around in my ratty T shirt, green face mask and hair in rollers, welp, he’s there to watch it. If I’m in the bathroom too long, he’s there to knock on the door to ask what’s taking so long, or he’ll just bust in.

5)Quiet. After a long day at work you just need that peace. When you have a partner living with you that instant relaxation (especially for an introvert like me) is not abundant. And the time to do creative hobbies (like writing) is something you have to fight to get.

But there are good things about having a partner living with you. The companionship, laughing at sitcoms together, playing games together, cooking (especially if you like to cook or he prefers to cook when you don’t), the team work, the back up, among other things. If there’s real love there, all the other annoying things don’t matter. As this clip below shows perfectly, sometimes the space we think we need is all in our heads.

Fast forward to 1:40


  1. Haha! True that! Letting someone in our personal space could either be the best or the worst! But when you are in love, you ll compromise no matter what!!! It was a good read, do check out my writings too, will appreciate your reviews 🙂


  2. This is one of my fave epis ever. I love this episode cause I looove their fight. It is just so freaking funny. I love her line about his Rogaine and Speed Stick and the funny clicking noise she makes about wearing some shirt at some event. And his quote “I don’t wanna TALK about it!” Ahhh, love!

    But I digress. Yeah, moving in with someone and in a small space is a challenge and moreso when you have different living styles (ie. the neatnik and the slob) but if its love, you find ways to get around it.

    Or move to a bigger place. Preferably with multiple levels!


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