SATC Talk: The Post It Always Sticks Twice: Bad Ways To Break Up

satc-post-it-600x337Sigh, this is the saddest episode for me in this series, episode 7. I think any woman can relate to dating a guy and wanting to make it work so bad it just not happen. And then to add insult to injury, it ends in such a cold way. We women like to have closure and if you want to make us send a gypsy curse your way, break up with us in cold/cowardly manner.

So in this episode Carrie has just received the above note from her boyfriend after they make up from a silly fight. And that was the end of that relationship. Here she was thinking everything was great and she wakes up to this foolishness. As you will see in this clip, it’s not taken so well. And can you blame her?

I know you might think there is no right way to break up but I think there are decent ways to break up. We are in an age of emotional laziness but there has got to be a limit to how we treat our fellow humans. Breaking up by vanishing, sending a text, leaving a voicemail message, changing your status on facebook or leaving a note is just plain ignorant. If nothing else, it leaves bad karma. The longer/deeper the relationship, the more courage we have to find to end things in a dignified way. Sure, no one wants to have to have that talk or look into someone’s sad eyes but do it we must. It’s called being an adult. And you just never know who you will need in your life.

I’ve had some exs I probably never want to see again in life but that has nothing to do with the breakup and more to do with the fact that I just don’t like them. And even in that I made sure our breakup was as thoughtful and considerate as the situation allowed.

Sometimes an uncomfortable talk for a few minutes is a much better thing than the longevity of a tacky breakup. You just never know when you will need people again in your life. Why make an enemy unnecessarily?

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