SATC Talk: The Ick Factor: Do We Really Want Fairytales?

Episode 14 of season six takes us on a journey with Carrie and the Russian. I was never a big fan of this character but I did appreciate how he wooed her. Yes woo. Courted. Romanced. Whatever you wanted to call it. It is so rare that we see this old school style of dating anymore. Elaborate first dates, roses… Heck, it’s hard for me to even find a situation where wearing a dress is appropriate. Somehow we got so used to just “hanging out” that we don’t court one another anymore. And when a guy does something almost “fairytale” like, we don’t know how to handle it as this clip shows.

In fact after The Russian bought her a dress to take her to the opera or something then asked her to dance to the sound of romantic violins, she didn’t take it so well.

After seeing this I wrongly assumed that Russians were this romantic (I can’t figure out why because nothing about my previous knowledge of their culture led me to the warm and fuzzies). Not that I have dated enough to make a leap to either direction.

But back to my point. We say we want romance but then there are some of us who might think a guy corny if he writes us poetry. Lemme tell ya something: I’m not one of those gals and neither are my friends. If you want to paint me a work of art, take me to a dimly lit romantic restaurant, plan a picnic, surprise me with a concert to my favorite artist, give flowers on a date (and not because you were trying to seek my forgiveness on something), take a walk holding hands along the water: I am here for it. I will not pass out or “gripe” to my friends about it (side note, if anyone of my friends complains about this stuff I will shut them down and end the conversation with a mean side eye and a “girl, bye”).

I likes romance. Just because our culture or generation is slowly draining it out of our systems doesn’t mean there aren’t some of us fighting to keep our hold on it. I don’t get “icked” out by romance. Truth is, with the right person the “corny” is just fine. But alas there are enough women that have spurned such overtures and have left some men to believe romance is not needed. Don’t believe the hype (yeah I brought that phrase back): romance is not dead. Let’s keep it going.

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