SATC Talk: Splat: What if your friends don’t like him?

Le Sigh, we now reach my final favorite episodes of the series. It’s been a long summer of reminiscing but it had to end. This final epiode in my Sex and the City Talk really captures what happens when friends and lovers don’t mix. When we fall for someone we rarely begin the new relationship with thoughts of approval from family and friends. It’s just you and your boo thang. But eventually you have to come out of your “honeycomb hideout” and greet the world. But what if those friends don’t mix well with your love? Well, it can be awkward

Nothing is worse than that feeling that those you care about don’t get along. Been there, done that. I’m a strong believer that if your friends don’t dig him, welp maybe they are on to something. This is mostly because my true blue tight like glue friends (not just the random associates) only want the best for me so I value what they have to say. Now I won’t front and say that I have instantly dumped a guy because my friends didn’t like him. However, the way a guy has treated my friends has been a major consideration towards the eventual dumping.

I mean, when we are so caught up in a guy we don’t see things in logical ways. And honestly love isn’t logical all the time so that’s expected. Sometimes it takes a friend to say, “girl I know you love him but he’s over there kicking babies, maybe he’s not such a good guy”.

And have you ever been the friend who has seen your bestie with a guy that you just don’t think is right for her? This scene is all too familiar to me.

Friendships can die because of a guy (or gal) for certain. And the feeling that you friend is with someone who is no good for her, causes her drama and just all around doesn’t mix well with the group can be a bad place to be in. What do you do? I always decide based on how close I am to the person. The newer you are the more diplomatic and neutral my response. But if you are my best good friend, I will state my feelings.

And then I drop it. Ultimately it’s the friend’s decision to stay or leave the relationship. If they want to gripe to you about the dummy you know she should dump, well just listen and keep your comments to yourself. If it’s especially distressing and she just wont do anything about it then decide if you want to stick around and watch the destruction or distance yourself. It’s not worth you staying up nights worrying about a friend who doesn’t care about her own well being. But sometimes the role of being a good friend is just to grin and bear it…and pray that your friend makes the right choices. And if they are good friends, no guy will come between you just like with these gals.


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