Hanging Out 30s style

Just because you are no longer 20 something doesn’t mean you automatically desire to go to bed at 10 pm on a Friday. Sure just because you rarely catch me fist pumping in the middle of the club until 3am (ok you never catch me doing that, particularly the fist pumping part), doesn’t mean I don’t like to get out when the street lights come on.

So what’s a type a gal living in the city to do? Welp, I compiled a list of some fun things to do that will get you out and about whether you are 20, 30 or 50 and just want to get out when the sky is dark but without getting elbowed at the club or waking up with a hangover (so not good for the skin).

First, quick note, Thursdays are really the night for the grown and sexy. I find more things on my list happening on a Thursday than a Friday or Saturday for some reason and the crowd tends to be more my style. Anyway on to my list o fun:

Check out a happy hour- Easy no brainer, even if you aren’t in to drinking there are sure to be good food specials at most spots

Sing some karaoke- I can kill so much time sanging me some 80s and 90s classics. karaoke-kids-music

Sip n Paint- This can be a chill thing to do on an evening night (and a great date idea). Take a painting class and drank a glass (or two) of wine as you go.

Artwalk- When the weather is nice a lot of cities open up their art galleries or certain spots display local art and you just art hop checking the art, grabbing a bite or drink along the way.

Check out a movie at somewhere lux- Many theaters have upped their game on the movie going experience. There are bars, gourmet food, comfy seats. I’ve been to one that provides you with blankets and waiters. I stayed through the credits and when staff came to clean up. After a while I got the hint to leave.

Comedy club- Another easy option. Always a fun time.

Check out a live band- Jazz, neo soul or cover band.

Dance Party- I’m starting to see a trend of events having special 80s and 90s nights. Because everyone wants to two step to a P. Diddy throwback. Exercise and nostalgia.

Dinner- Another easy option again. Check out trendy fun spots. Put on a dress and go out with the gals or on a date.

Bar/Lounge- Smaller spots can be less rowdy. A dive bar can be chill or a sophisticated hotel bar can be a fun change of pace. It’s not just for tourists.

Charity event- This is another unique option that will get you out. From fashion shows to museum events to balls, this can be a fun way to network as well.

Theater- A no-brainer if you are into the arts. Then go for after theater drinks or dessert!

Late night bowling – A good option to bowl while two stepping to music.


Bar Trivia or Game nights- These are more often on non weekend nights but like I said, nothing wrong with a Thursday night out!

So where do you find information on where to find these activities? I check out my city paper, http://www.yelp.com, eventbrite, groupon or living social, or www.meetup.com.

Enjoy and stay safe!

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