Halloween Part 1: Cool costume ideas

After Christmas, Halloween is my favorite “holiday”. I love me some scary movies, I love dressing up and I love candy. Every year I go through the process of trying to decide what to dress up as (even before I have made any plans because I’m well, well, pass the days of trick or treating).

So I surf the web for inspiration for affordable cool costume ideas and have come across some awesome looks. Here are some of my favorite Halloween costumes I’ve spotted during my search, maybe they’ll be inspiration for you!

Bringing Back the 90s – TLC and Clueless are great options. Side note,you don’t have to change your skin color to portray a person of another race, we still get the picture!



Nostalgic cartoon characters-  Jem.  I actually did this with my friends one Halloween and it is my all time favorite costume (80s kid!). Think, Rainbow Bright, Strawberry Shortcake, Rugrats,  Daria.


Movie/TV characters- Especially current or popular characters like Avengers, Walking Dead, Empire. 

Posters come to life- Like Rosie the Riviter

Group ideas- Spice girls, Disney princesses, Superheros, Golden Girls, House wives, Inside Out

Real people- Donald Trump, Miley Cyrus,  Prince

Be creative and think outside the box. Sometimes costumes out of your own creations are the most fun (and cheapest).

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