A Cosmo Gal’s Guide to Surviving the Winter

I hate the winter. Or rather, I hate the cold. I could do winter year round if it didn’t dip below 75 degrees and was sunny all the time and the days remained long. Winter has no redeeming value to me so I tend to venture towards hibernation and peak out when spring starts. But I admit that can make the winter months quite boring. So in an effort to put more Cosmo in my type A life during the winter, I thought up some activities to keep me busy and warm.

  • Get in to the arts. Those cold, early dark evenings are the perfect time to go see a play or check out a museum.
  • Get to cooking. Now is the time I am going to focus more on honing my cooking skills now that I don’t have rooftop or sidewalk dining to lore me away.cook
  • Join a workout or dance class. If you are a sociable outdoor lover but not a cold lover, taking a workout class is a good option to staying active and making new friends all while keeping warm.
  • Try online dating. Apparently winter is the best time of the year to meet a new love online.
  • Throw a potluck or game night. A good way to be sociable while staying in.

FamilyGameNight 006

  • Check out snazzy bars with fireplaces. If you need to venture out, now’s the time to check out a sexy fireplace with an old fashioned drink in a tight off the shoulder sweater.
  • Take up a hobby. Start a blog/vlog, write that book, paint that masterpiece, sew that dress…
  • Travel! A lot of people save traveling for the summer, but want to know the best time to really appreciate Jamaica? In the cold! (check your almanac to see when the big snow is supposed to come so you aren’t scheduling something that will be cancelled due to weather, it’s not always exact but better than nothing)
  • Binge watch if you must. I don’t like to promote couch potato activities but the winter is a good time to check the hype of some shows. Maybe do that while cooking or taking up a hobby…
  • Read all about it. And to balance out the binge watching, cozy up to a good book, or audio book or listen and learn a new language while you do one of the  other suggestions (type A girl can multitask).reading

Hope this helps in the fight against cold and boredom during the winter months. Morale of the story, take this time to stay in and get to know and improve you!

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