Traveling to Baltimore

As you may or may not have known, I moved back to Baltimore for the time being. I’ve done posts on Baltimore before but it’s different now that I’m a resident again. And I’m always eager to give readers another view of Baltimore other than what is shown on TV. If you should ever find yourself in DC I would suggest making a side day trip to Baltimore. It’s a small town feel in a city. Very accessible. Sure, it has its mixture of grungy but there are many quaint little areas to take a dine and shop and sight see. And Baltimore is listed in Zagat’s as the second top Foodie city of 2015 (behind Pittsburg but above NYC and DC). diningFor this alone it’s worth a look and I’ve been eating all around town (sadly for my diet). It’s also a town of beer and awesome craft cocktails. And let’s not forget the museums and creative arts scene (live music, theaters, eclectic museums) which is super strong here.  Here are just a few spots I’ve grabbed at bite at since being back that I really enjoyed (more to come):

Myths and Moonshine– I was intrigued by the premise alone so I came to this Canton spot for happy hour with some friends. I never had moonshine so it seemed kind of like a cool idea. The array of moonshine available is intimidating. Who knew there was more than one kind? They can mix it with preset cocktails after you pick your moonshine (I think I had the fizzy daddy). They also serve food  (hush puppies and sliders are yummy) and I believe have music from time to time. A very chill but fun environment.

Azumi – Came to this Harbor East location on a date and I have to say this spot is great for date night. Especially in the warm weather. It over looks the harbor and is dark and sophisticated.  The environment is so nice at night (grown and sexy) so I would come back here even just for cocktails. And apparently there is a DJ here on the weekends.

The Food Market– I came to this Hampden spot for my birthday for dinner (and the scallops) and another time for brunch. The food is farm to table and great both times. If you are a fan of fresh food then this is a great spot to check out. It’s a restaurant and bar and has a wide open and bright atmosphere.

Homeslyce– Came to this Mt. Vernon spot (they are also located in Federal Hill, Canton and Columbia)  for pizza and salad. It’s  a simple pizza bar. The food is good, the atmosphere is relaxed and apparently they have bocce and skee ball in the basement (if that means anything). All in all a good place to grab a slice or more.

Pen and Quill– Located next to the Charles Theater, I came here for happy hour with friends. This place has a nice vibe, very smart, white collar yet relaxed, if that makes sense. I had a sparkling negroni for $5 (delish) and a fried chicken sandwich which was worth the calories. My friends were pretty happy with their dishes too so I can’t imagine you could go wrong.

My Thai –  In the Little Italy area, I’ve come here a couple of times for happy hour (that have an extended happy hour on Friday nights as well as a DJ during that time). The drinks are tasty and the so is the food (I shared the fried green beans- just about anything is tasty fried, shrimp dumplings and donuts). Definitely a spot I wouldn’t mind frequenting.

These are just a few on my list. More post to come on fun places to visit on my travels and in Baltimore.


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