Big Eyes: How to Get the False Lash Look with Just Mascara

I have searched for hundreds of years (k so not that long) for a quick and non annoying way to get those false lash looks without the stress of putting on fake lashes. Sure, on a full moon I can successfully put on some lashes but most of the time I just look like Janis from the Muppets with my results. muppet_janice

I’ve tried thousands(k, maybe like ten) of mascaras in an attempt to replicate the divaness of false lashes and honestly, nothing works. Sure, the ads will tell you their mascaras are just like falsies but don’t believe the hype. But all is not lost. So you can’t have lashes like Kim K without some false action. Kim-Kardashian-Eyelashes-440x421

Doesn’t mean you can’t still have bombshell, diva lashes. Here are my top mascara’s that give you diva life without the hassle of lash application.

Loreal Manga – $7.99

Maybelline Pushup – $9.49  (I also want to try  Sensational with this company)

Diorshow Iconic  -$28.50

Benefit They’re Real! – $24

Ok, so you have the mascara. Now to give it the extra ooomph to make ’em pop.

When applying the first coat (yep, gonna go for more than one), wiggle the wand from side to side as you go up the lash.

Repeat a second time and more until you get the pop you like.

Don’t forget to put a coat on the bottom lashes.

Now, if you want doll like lashes like Kim K above, after the mascara has dried a little, vertically (like a windshield wiper) go over the lashes.

I’m telling ya, it works every time. Might get a little messy but nothing a tissue or Q-tip can’t fix. Now you got red carpet eyes without the application headache, so go somewhere fancy!


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