Contouring for the Everyday Gal

I love make up. I do not love putting it on. There’s the expectation I have and the reality. Truth is, going around looking like I’m in a confessional on the Housewives of (fill in the blank) isn’t really practical. However, I do love a good glam look every now and then. I’ve posted about getting dramatic lashes so what about the rest of your look for a real-life glam look?

There are YouTube videos and magazine articles out there that will tell you all about highlighting, contouring, luminizing, concealing, setting, baking (yes, I’m still talking about applying make up). Sure the after effect is super gorgeous but I don’t have anywhere to go that fancy. So here are my simpler steps for nighttime glam for a girl just going out for some cocktails with her pals.

  • Use a primer which is a good base for putting on your make up.
  • Don’t forget the SPF  if your foundation or primer doesn’t have any.
  • Put on concealer for any under eye circles and pimples
  • Put on foundation
  • Now get a lighter shade of makeup (a solid is best over liquid or powder) and do a filled in up side down triangle under the eyes going the length of the eye with the tip at cheeks.
  • Do a triangle on the forehead in between the eyes.
  • Put some down the bridge of your nose.
  • Use a darker shade and put on the hollow of your cheeks, right below the cheek bone.
  • If you are ambitious, you can put some around your hairline on your forehead and on your jaw line and the sides of your nose. I don’t
  • You can then put a bit of highlighter on the tops of your cheekbones and in the corners of your eyes.
  • Throw some blush on the apples of the cheeks.
  • Some people “bake” here and let all this sit for about 5 minutes before blending it all and finishing off with a setting powder or spray.
  • Now put on your lipstick. Bold matte lips are very in right now, especially dark reds and plums.


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