My Wash and Go: A Natural Hair Routine

So I talk about my natural hair a few times in my post and I explain the type of products I use. So I decided maybe it’s time to do a picture post of my wash day routine.

curls 2

Okay first I should preface this by saying my hair is Type 3c curl pattern with some 3b and 4a here and there. I also have high porosity, fine hair. Why does this matter? It really relates to the type of products and styling you should use. Want to know your hair details? Check out this link .

Ok so here we go:

First I only do a full wash my hair once a week. About 3 or 4 days after my full wash, I wash with a cleansing conditioner. In between the washes I use a spray bottle of water and conditioner to dampen my hair and refresh the curls. I also use frizz serums and Eco Styler to give shine to my curls.

curls 5
(Counter- clockwise) Twisted Sister De-Frizz Polishing Serum, Ecostyler Maxim Hold, Detangling comb, Spray bottle with water and leave in conditioner


Ok, so I wash with a curl shampoo (I’m not loyal to a brand. I just must address frizz, dryness and add volume). Then I will use a hair deep conditioner or mask. Finally I will detangle my hair in the shower with my fingers or a detangling comb (sometimes I rinse out the mask and add a conditioner to aid in ease of detangling). Keep hair soaking wet through this. Rinse out the conditioner with COLD water. Not the most fun thing to do, especially in the winter, but this is a must to help prevent frizz and dry hair.

curls 7
Counter Clockwise- Garnier Fructise Curl Nourish Shampoo, Curl Twirls Hair Masque, Renpure Cleansing Conditioner


Then I will squeeze my hair of the excess water (sometimes I won’t) but will NOT towel dry. Water is your friend and dry hair like mine wants to lock in the moisture. So with my wet hair I do the trusty L.O.C. method that I talk so much about (it’s a great way to keep in moisturizer and reduce frizz for long lasting hair between washes). I coat my hair with a leave in conditioner, part my hair in 2 – 4 sections and apply an oil (focus on the ends), and finally add a milk/cream/gel/mouse in the different sections.

curls 6
African Pride Olive Miracle Leave-in Conditioner, Dark and Lovely Au Natural L.O.C. Soak it up cocktail, Shea Moisture Curl & Style Milk


If I have time, I will air dry it a bit.

curls 8
Excuse my bare face, put on some glasses to offset it LOL.  My hair is halfway dry here.



Regardless of whether I have time or not, I will always blow dry my hair with a diffuser to help give my hair body. A diffuser is a must as it also prevents frizzy curls when blow drying.

curls 4

I will also go in my roots and scrunch it up to add volume or even use an afro pic. Again, for my fine hair, volume is a focus.

curls 3

Once I have received my perfect volume. I’m done! Note: I have a few pieces of hair in the front and back that are resistant to curling like the rest. When I want perfection I will twist and pin curl those pieces while wet. I didn’t this time.

curls 1
Face beat, hair done, but dang cat in the background!




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