Top Five reasons NOT to date

So it’s been a while since I’ve done a dating/relationship post. Mostly because after my series on Sex and the City where I explored some of the themes certain episodes raised, I was a bit tapped out. But for those of you who did enjoy some of my submissions on relationships, I will be adding some again.

Starting with this one.

So some recent things I’ve read and discussions led me to want to write this post. Now I will preface it by saying this is really for anyone, of any age, who is ready to get married and over the casual dating. If you are marriage minded then I believe you should date with a purpose. Dating just for the “fun of it” or “for practice” doesn’t work if you are at that level. Here’s

Don’t date if you are:

  • Feeling lonely – sure going out on some dates can connect you with people but if you are searching for someone to fill the void it leaves you vulnerable to attach to the wrong person and ignore red flags. In addition to annoying someone who might want some space
  • Trying to feel complete- no matter what the movies say, no one should complete you. It’s too much pressure to put on a person and it makes you come off needy. Further, others are drawn to you if you are confident and can add to their life experiences not for them to work to make you whole
  • Feeling anxious/desperate- people can usually tell if you are feeling desperate to get married and some will take advantage of that to get what they want which may not be in your best interest. Others may be scared off. Finally, once again, it could lead you to picking people that are not a good fit based on a fear of being alone.
  • Feeling disgruntled- It’s never good to starting dating again if you are still angered (or sad) by your last relationship. You won’t fully be available for the next person. Clear your mind and spirit of the past and don’t look back to it when entering new relationships or even going on dates. It really isn’t fair to others and you won’t be giving your all.

Date because you want love. Nothing wrong with that. Just make sure you are comfortable with you and in your best spirit so that you can be open to and have a genuine relationship.


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