Beauty methods that I’m loving right now


NYX curve liner– For any girl that loves the winged eye liner look but struggles to master it this tool is a time saver. I get the perfect wing every time with this one.


L.O.C.- I’ve discussed this before but must say it again. No matter your hair curl pattern, curly girls should do the L.O.C. method (and if you have low porosity hair do the L.C.O. method). So what is it? Wash your hair and use a Leave in conditioner, Oil and Cream.

I am not loyal to a conditioner (although I do like the Cantu Shea Butter Products). For oil I go for coconut, argon or castor. For cream I go between Miss Jessies Curly Pudding or Pillow Soft curls or Shea Moisture Coconut and Hibiscus Milk or Smoothie. For second and third day (or if you’re lucky fourth day) curl reviver I spray with a leave in conditioner and water concoction and, if needed, add my cream or Eco Styler product.

Here is a good tutorial that matches my routine.

Glue on nails– Outside of going to the salon and getting a gel manicure, polish just does not stay on my nails. So when I want a manicured look on my own, I go for glue on nails. And they’ve come a long way since the 80s. Kiss nails are my favorite brand. If glued properly, they can last me 7-14 days and are super cheap!


Here’s a good tutorial

Foot masks – You want soft feet but don’t have time to go to the salon or get a paraffin treatment? Foot Mask are a great option. They go on kind of like socks but there’s mask “stuff” in them. You wear them for about 30 minutes and you’re good. Different brands do different things. I’m not loyal to any particular one.

Sleeping masks– This has become all the rage. They are mask you wear while sleeping for every type of skin issue. I swear, if you want to know where the next beauty trend is going to come from see what’s happening in Japan and South Korea because half of these new beauty trends (serums, bb creams) come from these places. I’m a fan of the Sephora brand.sleeping mask


Micellar Water– I love make up, makeup doesn’t love my skin. I get tired and don’t always have the strength to do a complete wash. This product is the fix. It takes off even water proof makeup and you can do it from the comfort of you bed. Better than cloths because it acts as a magnet to take the makeup and keep pores clean!

micellar water

Hope this helps!


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