Cooking: Chicken Burger

So I finally gave in and decided to subscribe to Blue Apron. I’ve been eye stalking them for some time and I think food services like these are awesome for single people or just a couple who wants to do more home cooking but may not be as creative or talented on their own in the cooking division.

Out of all the many services out there I picked Blue Apron because I could tailor it to the type of food I would eat (I don’t eat red meat) and it was priced well for the market.

They shipped the ingredients in a large box with ice in it. All of the ingredients and step by step picture recipes are included. The sauces, butters, seasonings are all included as well (except for salt and pepper and olive oil).20160805_121210

I decided to go for what I thought would be the easiest of the bunch to make: Chicken Burgers.

I won’t go into the recipe (unless requested) but I will give the basic ingredients and tell my cooking story through pictures.


2 cloves of garlic


one stalk of lemon grass

2 small/medium potatoes


ground chicken


soy sauce

hoisin sauce

sriracha suace

2 burger buns



The end result was super good. I cut up the potatoes and baked them and made the burgers on the stove top. I don’t like mayo but the mayo-hoisin sauce was actually pretty good. Even after burning the buns, it was still good.

First meal a success. Next up…brown butter cod fish.

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