Blue Apron: Overall Thoughts

So after a month of various meals from Blue Apron I can finally give a full unbiased opinion of my time with it.


You make some nonstandard meals so it makes you feel all fancy and stuff.

Everything I make, if I stick to the directions, is tasty. Some more so than others but I feel more confident when I cook. Which makes me more confident to cook for others.

It’s fresh. All ingredients are all natural, farm to table style.

You can pick the type of food you like and don’t. So if you are vegetarian or don’t eat red meat you aren’t stuck with meals you won’t eat.

It’s affordable. Especially for a single person. At $60 a week, that’s like 6 meals, since each meal is two serving sizes, for $10.  Not bad


It can take some time. Usually the recipes show that it’ll take around 30 minutes to make. Welp, that ain’t true. On average each meal takes 45-60 minutes to prepare. But most good meals aren’t fast!

Serving Size. It’s a bit big. Most meals are about 700 calories. Which isn’t great for those trying to lose some pounds. You have the benefit of making your own food, which is always best. And it’s tasty. But it won’t matter if it’s still high calorie. However, I won’t say the company should reduce their size. Sure some folks might think that the calories work for their diet; other’s should just be mindful and reduce or substitute certain ingredients.

You can’t pick all of your meals. You get six types of meals a week if you are on the 3 meal a week plan. However, you can’t mix and match everything, which is annoying. I know there is a reason for it but I don’t like it.

Outstanding Thoughts

Not sure if they do meal repeats; I’d really like to get certain meals again. However, at the very least I still have the recipes…

Wish they had this for breakfast, lunch, and dessert.

In sum, I’d recommend it if you have the patience and dedication.


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