Where to Go If the Election Goes Bad

If your candidate didn’t win or she did and you simply just want some rest after all of that political craziness, here are a couple of places to visit (or stay) to start a new.

Amsterdam– I love a smaller city that is accessible on foot or bike. Amsterdam is a huge biking community. It’s very diverse racially and thought wise. There’s great shopping, eating, and a nice music scene. Also you don’t have to be an expert in Dutch to understand what’s going on. Very welcoming and not too foreign from a liberal, artistic way of life that a U.S. urban cosmo girl should know. amsterdam_reflections_by_matthias_haker-d6tz532

Florence– I fell in love with this city. It’s another smaller town with history and beauty. Shopping is nice, the food is amazing and you aren’t too far from vineyards if you are a wine person. I also found, at the time that I visited, it to be affordable living wise. My sister and I happened upon a real estate office in our wandering and seriously considered purchasing a vacation house (we didn’t get it). A great town to unwind and just enjoy life.florence-italy

Dublin– So the weather isn’t too great here but maybe that’s why the people are so friendly (well probably it’s the whisky) to stay happy. I think the mood of the city is the reason why I picked it for this list. A nice contrast to the angry atmosphere in this past election among the other negativities and injustices occurring. It was nice to visit a town where everyone smiled and said Hi. dublin_h

Puerto Rico, San Juan– So I know that this is a US territory so it’s not far escaping but it’s still an escape. The weather is great, the food is delish (if you can’t tell I’m all about the food) and the music scene is quite nice. Also it has a lot of US chains here so if you want something different but not ready for a big leap this is a good option. And you know, the beach. san_juan_condado_beach_puerto_rico

Cuba– I’ve never been here but why not strike while the iron is hot since we now can visit Cuba and flights are pretty cheap. Indulge in Cuban rum and cigars (which you can now send home to the US if you return). Not sure if you can work here but it’s nice for an escape with the music, food, and vibrant scene. cuba

Toronto– Another place on my visit list. A major plus is that it’s close. It’s diverse, artistic, and pretty busy with lots to do. With festivals, a good food scene, shopping and parks, seems like a nice escape to me from some of the tenseness going on in the U.S. Plus they said we could come if the election didn’t work out. canada-toronto-1

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