Mini Chop: A Hair Horror Story

Once upon a time, not so long ago there was a girl who stopped using chemical relaxers and allowed her hair to grow in the texture she was born with. For a while it was fun. Her hair natural curls grew long and full. Her hair was almost effortless.

Then one day the girl decided to color her hair and bleach it to get blond highlights like she saw in the magazines.  She did not deep condition her hair and eventually it broke off. She had to cut it. Then she decided to flat iron her hair…a lot. This loosened the beautiful curls that she had growing again. Then she decided to get a weave. This weakened her hair.

Eventually the girls hair grew sad and grew out frizzy. Part of the texture of her hair changed from a 3b/c curl pattern to a 3c/4a curl and became highly porous making it hard retain moisture. Parts of her hair didn’t curl at all anymore and parts grew very thin.

My curls during the good times


It was a mess.

So the girl, heart broken, had to chop the damaged hair. She had to learn from her mistakes and start a new but what would she do differently?


The girl in the story was me. Big surprise. Almost three months ago I decided to do a mini chop and cut about 3 or 4 inches off of my hair. Whoever said natural hair was easy lied. Sure there are some textures that are easier to grow long with little effort. But if you desire long hair and have a tighter curl pattern (3c – 4c) then you have to put in effort or else just go short.

So deep condition, steam, or hot oil treat weekly. Anything that focuses on super moisturizing works so I won’t pick a brand over another.

Make hair strong like bull.

One thing to keep your hair from weakening is to build protein strength. You can do this by minding what you eat but an added bonus is to use proteins in your hair. I would not do this weekly because too much of a good thing can be bad. Try anything from Carol’s Daughter or Shea Moisture. I also like the very affordable Dominican line Kenechom for deep conditioning which you can find on Amazon. Some mix it with Silicon mix but be careful with using silicones in your hair. They are great for making your hair shiny but you have to use a clarifying or sulfate shampoo to get them out.

I also advise you Nairobi hair conditioner. It has protein and helps define curls but use this sparingly. Don’t leave on overnight like you can with the above named conditioners. Proteins can dry the hair out.

I also use Aphogee protein treatment every 4-6 weeks


mini chop
The mini cut

Heat and Color

I won’t say don’t do this. You have to have some fun with your own hair. But be careful. Limit using a curling or flat iron. Personally, I’m trying to keep it at no more than 4 times a year for straightening my hair and for now I don’t plan to straighten my hair until September for a length check.

For color, avoid bleaching, the farther the color is from your natural color the more likely you might see damage. Try to keep the color you pick in the semi permanent, ammonia free line. ALWAYS deep condition weekly.

Get Your Curls Popping

After the cut the first thing I did was fully embrace the hair that I had to work with little to no manipulation. The curls around the perimeter of my head are a 4a texture which is new for me.  That hair is also more porous. Therefore I tried the Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse  and the Max Hydration Method to get those curls popping and more moisturized to match the rest of my hair.

Ya’ll this is work and although the results are nice, I just don’t have the time to do this treatment every day for a week. Luckily the wonderful natural beauty brand Shea Moisture made a line that incorporates the goal of this method. It has been a life saver for me. Most of my curls around the edges came to life. The few that did not, I simply flat twist (just one or two) to match the rest of my hair.  I also use clear gel or pomades to lay the edges.SBHighProrosityGroup1-300x199

Refresh your curls daily with a spray bottle of water and conditioner. I also like a clear gel which most natural hair lines have or Miss Jessie’s Curly Buttercream.

Protective Styles

Low manipulation of hair is another way to get it healthy and growing. No worries about brutal cold or dry heat stiffening the curls or having hair rub on clothes and weakening it or over styling (especially with heat tools). So a popular alternative is wearing wigs.  Get a good lace front, synthetic or human hair, and let your curls relax a bit. Play with different colors, lengths and textures. It can be fun!

People also try sticking to braids or buns. Be careful with both. Use of synthetic hair with your own hair for braids can be heavy on the hair shaft and repeat ponytails for puns can weaken the hair around the ponytail holder.

That’s all for now folks. I’ll keep you updated on my journey and anything new I learn along the way. Have you learned anything about your hair after a big chop?








  1. Really enjoyed reading this! I did my big chop in 2015 and the journey has been a lot harder than I thought. I’ve been weaving off and on since then, which has really helped the growth (which I love!) but I have a hard time maintaining and not re-damaging my hair whenever I’m just wearing it naturally. Plus, I was surprised to find it a lot more expensive to maintain my natural hair than with the weave or when it was relaxed. So, sometimes I feel kind of lost about where to go from here. Thanks for all the tips!!


    • Yeah natural hair is not a cheap endeavor at first but once you find your products and method it gets better. The best advice is low manipulation helps it last

      Liked by 1 person

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