Party ideas: Grown up Tea Party

I love to host a gathering but I don’t need to do an expensive, lavish affair to make it fun. I’m not being filmed on a reality show after all. I also don’t enjoy spending all day in the kitchen so I do take a bit of a short cut. It’s less about the what and more about the intent which is to have fun.

So if you want to have a girls night, couples night or whatever, I’ll be sharing some fun theme party/small gathering ideas and general tips to help you make it a fun affair.

First up: A Grown up Tea Partytea party

I did this with my girls one Christmas Holiday season but this is a great idea for the spring season or even summer season as well. I combined my holiday event with a white elephant party but I made it special by doing my own English style high tea party.


  • Tea sandwiches- It’s a good option to make a couple of these as a savory option to all the sweets. Unless you’re serving high level foodies, I suggest keeping it simple for people not as used to high tea.
  • Scones with clotted cream- I simply went to a gourmet grocery store to get the scone mix, clotted cream and fancy jam. World Market is a good option.scones
  • Fruit- grapes, orange slices
  • Dessert- Petit fours and mini cookies. I was actually and just went to the French bakery near me. Wegmans and Wholefoods are also good places to get tea cookies.

Drink: Tea of course. I suggest limiting the options to 2 or 3. Also add coffee. For something stronger, offer champagne. For something fancier do mulled wine in the winger. In the spring how about an Aperol Spritz.spritz

Music: I play Christmas music in the background for Christmas. For the spring for fun songs maybe some pop or even old school R&B from the 60s to 90s.

Décor: This is an easy one. Holiday décor of your choice. And burn a cinnamon, vanilla or apple inspired candle. For spring, go for fresh flowers in varying sized vases and burn a candle with a flowery or fruity scent. You can even blend this in with watching the horse races during the spring season and have guest dress in spring dresses and fancy hats.

Extra: If you want to be super special give guest little party gift bags filled with little chocolates or scone mix put in little fancy jars.




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