Romantic Destinations for the Travel Bound

If you are a travel person like me, the idea of traveling for any reason is appealing. However, a wedding or honey moon destination has its own particular appeal. Yet, not every location is a great option. You must keep not only you and your partner happy, but also your guest. After all, they are spending money  to come celebrate.

Think about the following factors when planning destination wedding:

You don’t want to be in a loud atmosphere full of obnoxious partiers or a destination that might be over populated and not too soothing.

Down time
Let’s be real, a good portion of your time should consist of just being with each other, so you don’t want a place with too many options for things to do that you’ll miss because you’re in your room (eh hmm). Or the opposite, you’re so busy exploring that you miss the downtime together.


So this might seem at odds with what I stated above but it’s not. If you are having a destination wedding, it’s important to pick a location that is still going to be a fun time for your guest who may not be all snug in a “honeycomb hideout” and would rather explore an area or do some water sports. A cabin in the woods won’t work.


Be mindful of cost. Especially for your guest. They traveled all that way; it’s already an expense. And while I wouldn’t say skimp on the accommodations, think of destinations that aren’t too pricey in general.

So with those considerations in mind, here are some of my top picks for summer destination weddings or just good getaways for group of guys and gals:

Phuket, Thailand


Okay, the journey there is long and you may not get many guests based on that but it’s
well worth the trip. You can stay in luxury for little money, you have a gorgeous beach (with boat rides to many other nearby beaches), a fun party atmosphere if you want it
and excursions to keep you busy if laying by the pool or beach is not enough.
Don’t forget to get pampered at a spa which are fabulous and very affordable.

Negril, Jamaica



Well, many spots in Jamaica will do just fine but I’m only going to speak on my experiences. Negril is great for a laid back atmosphere with a few excursions or water activities to do if you choose. Or you can lay by the pool/beach with a frozen drink and be just fine. You can eat and drink there for reasonable costs as well. Nightlife is casual with beach bars and live music.

Florence, Italy



I love this place. It’s a small city and you aren’t too far from wine vineyards as an excursion.  There’s also a ton of art to check out if that’s your thing. Shopping is also a biggie (especially that Italian leather). And if I didn’t say anything about food, you will eat your way around the city. Moral of the story, the setting is beautiful and slow paced but with enough to do to keep guests busy and still be enjoyable if you and your significant other don’t get out much (nudge, nudge).

Las Vegas, Nevada


Ok, you might think this goes against some of my criteria but it actually doesn’t. Vegas is what you make it and there really isn’t any missing out. You don’t have to worry about your guests because they can go off on their own shopping, gambling, dining, to the spa, to the grand canyons, partying. You and your boo can cuddle up in the hotel until late. Just be smart about the hotel choice depending on what you want (quiet? Maybe go off the strip or to the end of the strip.  A party atmosphere? Check out more popular hotels in the center of the strip or the Palms off strip. Luxury? There are high end hotels all around. Bellagio, Cesar, Aria…). And if anything, your guests don’t have to stay at the same hotel.

San Juan, Puerto Rico

puerto rico

You have the beach, excursions to keep you or your guests busy (rain forest, water sports, site seeing), great dining, and shopping. And if you want to lay by the pool (or in the room) instead all day, you really won’t feel like you’re missing out. There’s also a good nightlife and there’s something about salsa that is so sexy, which is perfect for a wedding getaway.

There you have it, my top choices for summer wedding destinations…so far!

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