My Personal Shopper: A Stitch Fix Review

I love shopping but have grown tired of the whole mall experience. I’m still a fan of boutiques and even discount department stores like Marshalls. However, endless walking in the mall in countless stores, scrolling through racks of colorful clothes was starting to become overwhelming.

I’m no stranger to online shopping. I love it because I can watch Scandal and shop online at the same time. But for some reason I thought having my own personal shopper would take me to the next level for my inner fashionista. So I subscribed to Stitch Fix. An affordable online personal shopper.


Here’s how it works: You pay a regular fee (depending on how often you use them from once a month to whenever you just need them) and they send you 5 items that you can buy or return. To start, you fill out a questionnaire so the stylist can get a better idea of what you like. You have the option of getting anything from jewelry to jeans, to coats to shoes. You can also send a note to the stylist if you are looking for something specifically and give them your Pinterest and Instagram account so they can get an even better idea of what you like. The questionnaire also asks about celebrity styles that you like.

In theory it’s done well for an accessible personal shopper at a low end price. But like all things, you get what you pay for.

I subscribed to an every other month service. After four deliveries I think I am in a good place to make a knowledgeable determination of the service. And…it’s not for me. 

Here’s the deal. It’s not that the service is bad. If you aren’t a shopper and just need help with finding fashionable items then this service is good. If you super active on Pinterest or show outfits you wear on Instagram, I think this is also good. But if you are already pretty stylish and shop somewhat consistently, this might not be a service that will prove that useful.


I got two items from the four deliveries. The biggest issue for me was the following:

Fit: Things were too tight or two big. If you are a curvy girl or pear shaped it’s more of a challenge. Even with providing measurements and details about your shape, it often was a hit or miss.

Style: Many of the items were a bit basic for me. I am a magazine addict so I was really looking for items at that really trendy level that I see celebrities wear but at a lower cost. Most of the clothes they sent to me fit my basic style but then I already had a lot of similar items in my closet.

Price: Overall the price wasn’t too high. It wasn’t cheap but you had the option of putting in your price points. I chose to keep mine under $100. I’d like to imagine that I would receive items that I really thought fit my style if I went higher in cost. However, on my own I was able to find  stylish items for less.

So overall, I can’t say the service is a bad one, it just didn’t fit my need of getting trendy items that fit my body type. However, if you aren’t a shopper this can be a really good service.

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