Drugstore Products with Double Uses

Beauty can be costly which is why, if you search long enough on the internet, you’ll find several posts about hacks and dupes of more expensive products. Even better? Finding products that do double duty. And I’m not talking about products that are all in ones, although are great. But what about your everyday products that have alternative uses that serve just as well as products made specifically for that use? You’d be surprised what your everyday products in your bathroom can do. Here are a few that I’ve tried. Note: I am not the originator of these ideas.

Visine good for…acne?

We all know this product is good for clearing red, irritated eyes but if you need to take the redness out of a pimple it’s also good for that. I’m no scientist so I can only assume that the same way it takes the red out of eyes is the same reason it can take the redness out of a pimple which makes it less noticeable. visine

Lotion good for…hair?

In a pinch, if you need to moisturize your hair this will do. Dampen your hair and apply the lotion to seal in the hair’s moisture from the water. Obviously this is best for hair in it’s naturally curly state.

Chaffing gel for…makeup primer?

Ok this sounds a little crazy but chaffing gel is a great and cheap alternative for a makeup primer. Many have compared Monistat Chaffing Powder Gel to Smash box Photo Finish Primer. It certainly has a similar look but my skin is super oily so I was a skeptic. However, when I tried it, it worked lovely and kept my oiliness away for quite some time. I’m sold. The cheap alternative is worth the awkwardness at the convenience store. chaffing

Toothbrush for… acne?

Yep, another around the way product for pimples. I’ve used toothpaste to get rid of pimples when I was out of real acne products. The reason it possibly works? Toothpaste has many ingredients in it that are drying which is one of the methods of shrinking pimples. I have put it on as an overnight treatment.


Aloe Vera for… hair and acne?

Aloe is great for more than just burns. It’s another good product to use for natural hair to help seal in moisture when wet. I usually don’t use it in it’s natural state for hair and get it in a gel formulation made for treating skin irritations. It’s also great as a treatment for acne by helping to reduce the swelling and redness. For that I use the all natural plant. aloe

Baby powder for…eyelashes?

Want to make your lashes look thicker and get that falsie look with your mascara? Put on your favorite mascara, one or two coats. Then dip a Q-tip in baby powder and coat your lashes until they have an ashen look. Finally add another coat of mascara to your lashes to get them black again.

Elmer’s glue for… nails?

Ever put glitter nail polish on? Looks awesome right? Ever take glitter nail polish off? A nightmare, right? Well, I found out about this handy little trick to make the removal a lot easier. Put the glue on as a base (doesn’t have to be Elmer’s), you can thin it out with water to help make it spreadable. Let it dry thoroughly. Then apply the glitter polish as usual. When you are ready to remove the nail polish you can peel it off with ease. glue

What other products in your household have you found to have surprising dual purposes?



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