March Newsletter: Super Gals, Best Foundation Coverage and New Projects

It’s March and that means Spring and Women’s History Month. In this month’s Feature I’ll be combining my love of fiction and fantasy and list some of my favorite strong female characters. In my Beauty Section I’ll be spotlighting my favorite foundation. In the Out The Box section I’ll be announcing some news on an upcoming project.


I can’t do a post in March without focusing on women. While there are a host of topics affecting women today, I decided to spotlight women of strength in fiction that I’d love to be like when I grow up!

I’ve praised this author (well married couple) before, but Ilona Andrews has created a real heroine in Kate Daniels. A magically talented mercenary living in an alternate world Atlanta, Georgia. She is fearless and saves the day every time. I knew this series was for me when she went to get some fried chicken (it was really a chicken box) but had to put it down to fight a monster. Eats fried food and defends the world? My Gal!

Michonne from The Walking Dead. She makes me want to learn to fence (or sword fight). She’s fearless and protective. If the zombie apocalypse comes, I’m following her. And in movies, Danai Gurira, is also super tough as the head of Black Panther’s, Wakanda Army.michonne

Elisabeth Bennet from Pride and Prejudice. Just an overall great character especially when you consider the time period that Jane Austen wrote this. She wasn’t all about finding a man 24/7. Although she still wanted love, she had other goals and didn’t put up with crap. And if you are a fantasy/horror girl like me, read Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (also a movie) to mix a little chick lit with horror.

Any female lead in the Alien movies but we will focus on Ripley. She stays, she fights, she doesn’t back down. If I were faced with any of these situations I’d run screaming. Sorry family and friends, if you get snatched by an Alien, I’ll tell your story but probably won’t come and find you. Fighting monsters is not my calling. Ellen-Ripley-Alien-Movies-alien-28784682-200-307

I don’t read science fiction much but when I do, it’s Octavia E. Butler. I’ve just about read all of her books and am super excited that Ana Duvernay is turning one of her books into a series. Mind of My Mind has to be my favorite book of hers. An underdog, telepathic girl from the ghetto rising up against the bad guys. I’m here for it. I’d recommend The Patternmaster series overall. Very sad that the literary world lost such a powerful black, female writer with an “out the box” mind.

Wonder Woman. I feel like this is self explanatory but I will say I loved the interpretation of her in the recent movie. She was strong, determined, protective, but yet still emotionally vulnerable (and not just over a guy). Film Review Wonder Woman

Honorable mentions: Carol from the Walking Dead, Alice from Resident Evil, The Bride from Kill Bill, Furiosa from Mad Max: Fury Road, Sarah Conner from Terminator, Jen Yu from Crouching Tiger/ Hidden Dragon, Katniss from Hunger Games, Mercedes Thompson book series


I’m always on a quest to cover up imperfections with makeup. While I haven’t found my miracle makeup, I highly recommend Dermablend Blurring Mousse Camo Foundation.  It’s a full coverage but not too heavy. Great for covering textured skin, acne dark spots and large pores. Also good for oily skin. dermablend

Out the Box

I have a new novel in the works that’s been taking up a bunch of my free time. If you haven’t been able to tell from some of my posts, I love fantasy. I  finally wrote a novel that speaks to that love and incorporates people of color, which are usually missing or only secondary characters in the world of fantasy and science fiction. I’m currently searching for beta readers. Please contact me if you are interested!

Next month I talk about my trip to Paris!

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