April Newsletter: Ladies in Paris

This month is a special edition focusing on my trip to Paris! If you are outgoing and a bit cosmo then keep reading!

Prologue: The Journey There

I must start with the journey there. On the first day of spring mother nature was like “Let’s give them a snow storm”.  We were set to fly out the next day and were very concerned so we decided to leave right then! The snow caused delays, naturally, and we missed our connecting flight to Paris in Atlanta. So we had to stay over in Atlanta…on our dime. The customer service for this particular airline left much to be desired and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone after how they treated not only me but other patrons. They weren’t prepared for how to handle this situation and they were very unsympathetic to the customers stuck in this situation.

I’ve had missed flights due to delays or lost luggage and the other airlines I used were very helpful and lowered the stress in an otherwise stressful situation. In the end we got a flight via Air France (which was nice and I’d fly them again) and arrived in Paris on the day we initially planned a few hours earlier.

We stayed at the Hotel National des Arts et Metiers, which was absolutely lovely. It has aexy, hip, and boutique style. There is also a restaurant and a lounge attached to the building with the same grown and sexy vibe that gets very busy on the weekends (so don’t expect a peaceful sleep on those nights before 2am).

Chapter One: Thursday: Sacre Coer Monmartre, Little Africa, Le Comptoir General

We decided to start our journey by going to Little Africa.

If you are into African culture there are a lot of shops around to find African print clothing, beauty products, food, and to get your hair done. A woman ran out of a shop offering to do my hair. Gave me a complex. My hair was in a ponytail but I didn’t think it looked that bad!france 13

We also checked out Sacre Coer. It’s a climb up a LOT of stairs but the view of the city is worth it. france 10

That night we went to the club Le Comptoir General. It’s  cool, dark, with African inspired décor. They play a mix of house, R&B, and hip hop. There isn’t a sign on the outside so don’t miss it! france 6

Chapter two: Friday: Avenue des Champs-Elysees, Macaroons, Eiffel Tower, Louve

The Champs-Elysees is the iconic shopping area (and if you were a Sex and the City fan you’ll know this area from the last two episodes of the series). Here we did some shopping and had brunch at Laduree. Laduree also houses the best macaroons eva. france 7

We also saw the Eiffel Tower and went to the Louve. I’m not quite sure we got through a quarter of the Louve. My feet were on fire by then and everything hurt. I’d recommend not booking much else the day of your visit to the Louve. Not only is it huge but there is also shopping.

Chapter three: Saturday: Latin Quarters, Notre Dame, Crepes, Marais, Shopping, Bizz-Art

We started late today and went to the Latin Quarters for brunch, cheaper shopping, and checking out the Notre Dame.

Afterwards we went to the Marais area intending to shop and check out the Pablo Picasso museum. We didn’t make it to see Pablo’s museum but got some shopping in.

That night we went to the popular Bizz-Art for some live music and then a DJ. The crowd was super diverse in age range (20s through 60s) and ethnicity. It stays open until 5am. france 9

Chapter four: Sunday: Open Markets

So we had all good intentions to get up early this day and check out one of the open air markets. We ended up leaving the hotel around 12 but luckily one of the markets, Marche Bastille, stays open until 3pm. You can find all sorts of food, produce, clothing, jewelry, and more. Definitely worth a stop!



We took the metro which really is the way to go. At night we did uber. If you are surviving on free internet access to help get around, you might want to plan out trips before you leave your apartment as internet is not always accessible, especially at night, in every place. Uber allows you to schedule trips ahead of time too.

Not everyone speaks English or a lot of it. So it would do you well to learn some before going or at the very least download google translate.

Thanks for stopping by. Stay tuned for May’s letter. In the meantime check out my current novel out on Amazon and keep an eye out for my next novel!



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