May Newsletter: Vacations for Your Mood and more

May is what I deem the unofficial start to summer vacations and if you aren’t already planning something maybe this will help. We also talk about the favorite beauty product of the month and my read of the month.


Looking for some travel ideas for the summer? Here’s a short list of some good places to check out depending on your mood.

If you want:


france 1

France– I can only speak for Paris but I wouldn’t limit your exploration of this country just to this city. However, if you want to soak yourself in every aspect of culture and arts, Paris is where it’s at. You could spend a whole trip just checking out the many museums. And then there is the shopping at various price points. If you love live music, especially jazz, then this city is for you as well. And let’s not forget the food and wine. And if you get a chance to leave the city and check out the Palace of Versailles, South of France, and Brussels, do it! Check my recap here.

If you can’t leave the country, check out Washington D.C. There are so many museums and you’re close to other areas rich with culture and history like Baltimore and Williamsburg. D.C. also had a great foodie scene, good shopping at various price points, and a diverse nightlife.



Jamaica– This is a no brainer. I feel like everyone has to visit Jamaica at some point in life. If you want a vacation all about relaxation this is for you. Sure there are things to do like visit the natural waterfalls and plenty of water activities but if you do none of that you’ll still have an awesome time. However, if you are looking for a place to go to just catch up on some rest, maybe get a massage, this is the perfect getaway. Add in great live music, awesome food, and just overall friendliness of the people, and this is the place for you. Here’s a recap.

If you can’t get out of the country, check out Phoenix Arizona. Go to a hotel with a spa and get pampered, chill at the pool, and get some shopping or golfing in.



Thailand- I really enjoyed eating in Bangkok. I love the various spices and curries of Thai food. But don’t stop there, there are so many foods to try of various cultures. And Thailand takes food seriously. You can go to a mall and the food courts are overwhelming with the many options. They aren’t just fast food stands. You can get some serious dining in.  Here’s a recap.

If you can’t go far, check out New York City. They have any and everything you could crave. I’m glad I don’t live there. I’d never cook and would gain all of the weight. Here’s a recap.



Costa Rica– If you want a trip to keep you on the move, check out Costa Rica. There are so many areas to visit that you’ll limit yourself if you do just one town. I’d say skip around, do some research about the areas you want to visit. There is zip lining, hiking, water sports, going into the jungle, going to hot springs, seeing volcanos, going to the Caribbean side. Take a day to relax but if you are an active person, Costa Rica is for you. Here’s a recap.

Still searching for the best adventure town in the States. However, my money would go to Denver, Colorado for the their winter activities.


Feel Restored Warming Clay Maskwarming mask

I love a good facial but can never get the full professional feeling at home. As soon as I put on this mask it heated it up. I don’t know the science behind how it works but it definitely gives that spa like feel while pulling out toxins and cleaning the skin. A must try.

Out the Box

Currently I’ve been diving into paranormal romance books. Although she’s been around for a while, I am now only learning about the works of Jeaniene Frost.  She has a knack for drawing you in with not-so-perfect female leads and male leads with a whole lot of swag. If you like novels with vampires, check out her Night huntress and Night Prince series. Sure the romantic moments can be a bit cheesy but isn’t that what makes it all great sometimes?

See you next month for things to do during the summer special.

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