July Newsletter: Cabo San Lucas for the Grown and sometimes Sexy

For this month I’m just going to give a recap of my trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Spoiler alert: Cabo owes me nothing. I’ll be going back. If you are looking for a beach option that has a more mature crowd than Cancun but still is fun then I would recommend this area.

Arrival and Hotel and Transport

mexico 3From my foot into the airport until my return, the people of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico were nothing but kind and hospitable. Getting through customs was surprisingly quick and uneventful. The only negative thing was all the people trying to sell you time shares. Sure, if you sit through a 90 minute breakfast you get rewarded with a bunch of free stuff and maybe next time I’d check it out.

My tip: Book your transport to your hotel ahead of time so you won’t be overwhelmed.

Another tip: Just use the ATM to get your money. MUCH cheaper than the exchange booth (I knew this and yet still did it wrong).

Yet another tip: Stop past a Walmart or store to get some munchies, bottled water, drinks. Nice to have it on hand in between meals or if you want to “pre-game” before going out. Alcohol is pretty cheap in Mexico so that was a plus.

Me Cabo Hotel

mexico 6This hotel was beautiful. We arrived on a Saturday and that’s the most popular day as they have a pool party with a DJ (however, there is a Sunday DJ as well but it’s a fraction of the crowd).

It’s an adult’s only hotel and they offer you a drink upon arrival. Check in was fairly quick. We originally got a room without a balcony (one of only two that I could find) and requested a different room without any problems.

The hotel has a decent gym, lovely little spa, and two nice restaurants. We were rewarded with two coupons to use the spa and one of the restaurants. My spa experience was very nice. I had what I consider a host who showed me to my locker and gave me snacks and water (including charcoal water, which was tasty) (shout out to Ms. Rosie). I got a relaxing facial that made my skin glow (thanks Mary!). The spa also has two Jacuzzis, a sauna, and a steam room that will clear your sinuses for future years to come.

Note: My friend got a full body massage on the beach (near The Office) for about $30  and she said it was fabulous. I was also recommended this by a coworker if you are looking for a cheaper spa like option.

The location of the hotel was perfect. It was next door to the popular beach bars/restaurants and only a 10 to 15 minute walk to the downtown area. We took a car at night and that will run you around 10 USD (which seems a bit much for the short distance but…safety) . mexico 9


I enjoyed most of the food that I ate during my trip. The two restaurants in ME Cabo both had delicious meals. My lobster taco was everything.

There were also a lot of good options for less money. Tony’s Tacos is a hole in the wall place in the main downtown area. I liked my shrimp quesadilla so much (which was nothing like the American versions) that I returned a second day for more.

mexico 10Mangos is the popular spot on the beach. It’s pretty much touristy food (but good) and drinks. They have silly contest that will offend your feminist sensibilities. If you want something slightly tamer check out The Office or The Sandbar next door.


I must admit, I was a bit underwhelmed with the nightlife. Not because there wasn’t anything to do but because I didn’t find the fancier lounges/bars that I was hoping for. It was very low key. I didn’t even wear heels.

Everyone likes Squid Roe, which is a hugely popular dance bar. A bit too crowded for me. I preferred Mandela, which is right next door. I liked the music and Sunday is ladies night (drinks free all night). It’s still pretty busy on the weekends.

In general, I would suggest just walking around the main street and doing a bit of bar hoping. Blue Cabo and Giggling Marlin are on my list for next time, as out door bars. For something nicer, perhaps look into hotel bars (ours was dead/closed at night) and restaurants.


There are plenty of things to do in Cabo besides lounging at the pool. Note: the beach isn’t the best for swimming and because Me Cabo hotel pool was so great, we never even laid on the beach.

You can go paddle boarding, parasailing, horseback riding, boating.

Many people did the jungle party boat, which we did not get to but it always looked packed and fun.

mexico 7We did a boat and bus tour. Starting with the boat, I fought my way through sea sickness to see the popular Arches, sea lions, fish, and pelicans, along with Lovers Beach.

By bus, we went to a glass blowing factory and demonstration, a tequila tasting and visited nearby San Jose Cabo. This is a lovely area with art and flea markets, shops, and restaurants. It’s great for anyone looking for something more quiet but with no real nightlife. mexico 5

If you are looking to shop, there is the Puerto Paraiso Mall. It has everything ranging from inexpensive to upscale.

In general, I’d go back and make this one of my repeat vacation spots.

mexico 8

Next month- Staycation ideas and my new novel excerpt.

Thanks for your support and you can find my current book, The Mission, on Amazon!


  1. I loved my Cabo trip as well. I visited in May 2018 and was in awe at how beautiful it was there. I loved my resort, the people were so friendly, and it was just an all around amazing experience. We stayed on the resort for our meals as our resort had multiple restaurants, but we did go downtown and walked around, and even did a food tour. Our next visit to Mexico will be Tulum! Great post, thanks for sharing


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