August Newsletter: Staycation ideas, Product of the month and a teaser

Although summer is the biggest vacation time of the year, staycations are good all year round. When most think about staycations, they tend to view it as a time for resting or catching up on things but it can be so much more. When used wisely it can be just as rewarding as traveling out of town. This month we will talk how to staycation like a vacation. In the Beauty Product of the month I’ll talk my new curl product obsession and in the Out the Box section I’ll give a snippet of my new novel.


For the single or child-free couple, staycations may not seem as enticing but they can be a load of fun even without leaving your town. When using your staycation productively build in a day or two where you do nothing and a day where you are catching up on chores you need to get done. That way you get the rest you need without going overboard and wasting the time off and have a set time to get chores done without it nagging you during your entire staycation. Turn off your work phone/laptop and limit the news intake, otherwise it’s just telework. The rest of the time, plan productive things to do. Here are some ideas:

  1. Cook meals you’ve been wanting to eat. Or get dinner delivered the whole time. Try top rated places in your area of all types of cuisines.
  2. Go to restaurants you’ve eyed – treat yourself to someplace nice or go to an out of the way spot you normally wouldn’t be up for driving to.
  3. Check out the touristy things in your area. It’s interesting seeing your town from the eyes of a tourist.
  4. Do a day trip to some place near by or an overnighter.
  5. Take a group exercise class you’ve never tried.
  6. Get cultured: See a play or go to the museumStaycation2
  7. Do a spa day. Some places have discounts if you go during a weekday during the day.
  8. Do an overnight at a hotel: Hotels aren’t just for travel lodging. Doing a night at a nice hotel can be a nice pampering getaway.
  9. Volunteer. This maybe hard to fit in your regular schedule so now is the perfect time.
  10. Visit a national park, beach or go hiking.
  11. Check out the nearest brewery or winery for a tour.
  12. Do fun activities you normally wouldn’t like dinner theater, an escape room or a local river/spirit cruise.
  13. Go shopping at an outlet mall.

Most importantly, have fun and make the best of that down time!

Beauty Product of the Month

Crème of Nature Argan Oil Twirling Custard Curl Styling Gel- My 3c curls are loving this product for my wash and gos. It’s like a gel but won’t make your hair hard and crunchy and has enough oil in it to moisturize so it won’t dry your curls. Best of all, it’s cheap.


Out the Box

As you may recall I have a new novel and hopeful series I’m planning to get out soon in the genre of urban fantasy. Next month’s newsletter will be a excerpt of the novel. Here is a very short taste….

Charles handed me his basket and pulled out his hand gun from his holster. We carefully walked towards the soldier, looking down the aisles on our left as we passed them. I looked to my right checking the front registers and photo area. I stopped. A dark figure suddenly appeared behind one of the cash registers. Then he or she disappeared in a blink.
“Charles, there was someone near the register,” I whispered, still staring at the front, willing the figure to reappear.
When I didn’t hear Charles walking over I turned my head but there was no one. Just the down soldier. I spun around, panic quickly taking hold of me. “Charles!” I shouted.
“He won’t hear you,” said a familiar male voice.
I gasped.
I felt like my heart went into my throat. My legs went weak and I dropped the baskets. Painful goosebumps appeared on my arms. He was behind me. I could feel his presence. I didn’t want to turn. Didn’t want to face that nightmare just yet.

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