November Newsletter: Dinner En Blanc

Happy November! This is a month of giving thanks. I’m thankful for so many things in spite of the state of our world today. I’m sending this newsletter out a little early to get the bug in your ear to vote this week! Let’s make sure we can continue to be Free 2 Live by using our voting power at the polls!

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This month I was lucky enough to have someone guest post for us on a topic I’ve been dying to know about Diner En Blanc.  This is a series of events that is held all over the world from Paris to D.C. to Tokyo and in this feature Johannesburg, South Africa. So what is it? Gorgeous in Grey does an excellent overview of the event. It’s a dinner event started 30 years ago in Paris. People dine outside, wearing head to toe white. You can bring your own food/drinks/settings or pay for the event’s. It’s a secret location that you get transported to that just makes it more of an exclusive event. We are going to get a recap of it in my bucket list country of South Africa. In the Beauty section I’ll highlight my new favorite powder.

Feature: Diner En Blanc by Daa’iyah Lang

In summary, the event was a great experience. It was also the first time I left the airport in South Africa since I started traveling internationally about 14 years ago. Highlights were the venue, dress code enforcement, food, DJ and band. The downsides were the weather (expected), dress code enforcement, transit time to the venue and the wait for the food for those of us who purchased “the Experience”.
The venue was Constitution Hill. It was decorated beautifully even before folks added their own decorations. There were three dinner package options: fully self-catered i.e. food, decorations, drinks and tableware; basket purchase with food and you’d only have to bring your decorations and tableware; and “the Experience” by a one-star Michelin chef, which was fully catered with nothing to bring but your beautifully dressed self. We chose the experience and I’m still over here giving honor to GOD who is the center of my life for that food. dinner en blanc 4

There were three substantial courses. Personally, the last dessert course was beautiful but not my speed. But it didn’t matter, the first two courses were utterly and sinfully delicious. “The Experience” came with one bottle of white and one bottle of red wine per pair of people and a wine offering with each course. I’m not sure if the DJ and band were one or separate but they were each awesome. The chef was also quite accommodating for those who didn’t organize their dietary needs or restrictions ahead of time.

diner en blanc 5

The band sounded like a New Orleans jazz band who played in tandem with a DJ during dinner. After the first two courses, the DJ played solo with an awesome selection of hits from the 70s, 80s and 90s. I’m told the party was lit until past midnight. We left a little earlier, begrudgingly in the 10 o’clock hour. dinner en blanc 3

Which brings me to the less than great aspects of the experience. Excuse me but it was fucking cold. However, we were happier with the cold than the expected rain, which never happened except a few drops literally just as we arrived at the venue. So we left early because it was simply too cold. diner en blanc 2
The journey to the venue was a wasteful beast. A few groups met at various locations by train and converged to a location with buses finally taking us to the venue. While the total travel time was only about a 20-minute journey, the process of waiting and traveling was more like over an hour standing and walking in heels and heavy baskets and bags. We could have met at the buses later and the location would have been just as secretive.

At the initial meeting location, the fashion police came through and only handed out event branded white bags to those whose bags violated the dress code. But they didn’t even have enough bags so quite a few people still had colored bags. I mentioned dress code enforcement as a plus and a minus. The reminders and guides about what to wear and what not to wear and the emphasis on EVERYTHING being white and only the accessories and shoes being silver, gold or tan stressed a few of us the hell out. We were looking for white or clear umbrellas and ponchos until the last minute only for folks to roll up with clear umbrellas trimmed in black and red and blue, turquoise bags, grey pants, yellow, red and green trimmed shoes!. But they weren’t turned away.

diner en blanc 1
Last but not least was the wait time for those of us who purchased “the Experience”. To keep it short, everyone around us was toasting and eating while we were waiting. And the servers and service was a bit disorganized. Still, we had a great experience and I’d do Jo’burg again or try another city.


This month’s beauty product shout out is Black Radiance Soft Focus Powder. I am really loving this product so far. It helps blur my skin flaws, is cheap and matches my skin tone very well while keeping the shine away. soft focus

Thanks for reading. Next month we’ll talk a trip recap view to Cartagena, Colombia and Christmas gift ideas for the Cosmo Gal.

Be sure to check out my novel The Mission by CC Solomon, while you wait for my new series debut Mystic Bonds in 2019. Thanks for your support!

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