April Newsletter: Tokyo and Book 2 Sneak Peak!

March was a busy month. Book one of my urban fantasy book, Mystic Bonds, was released and I traveled to Tokyo and Seoul! This month I give a quick trip guide to Tokyo, do an author spotlight and share some of Book two in my series with a call for beta readers!

Feature: Six days in Tokyo

Disclaimer: I actually did five days but wish I’d done six days. So the final day recap will be the things I didn’t get to.

Day One: Arrive. If you come in early, fight that jet lag and don’t go to sleep. Walk around the area of your hotel. We stayed in Shinjuku at the Jr Kyushu Hotel Blossom which was a lovely boutique hotel not far from restaurants, bars and the subway. Clean, busy with tons to do. Try some ramen at Ichiran. It’s well worth the wait. Or go for some conveyor belt sushi. Or, hear me out, check out a McDonalds or 7 Eleven. They aren’t the same as in the states and the food level in 7 Eleven is on another tier than it is state side.

Day Two: Go on a full day tour of Tokyo and hit the main sights like the Meiji Shrine, Asakusa Temple area for the best street food and some souvenir shopping, Imperial Palace Garden, and a cruise to see the Rainbow Bridge. If you still have energy, check out the weird and crazy Robot Show. I didn’t go but those I talked to said it was a fun show.

Day Three: Take a day trip to Mt. Fuji if the weather is good. Luckily it was for us. We also did a trip to an onsen, which is basically a hot spring. Note: If you have tattoos you can’t go in but you can get a private bath for under $20. I did this and it was very pleasant.

Day Four: Visit the Harajuku area, especially if you are a shopper (and not just of Harajuku fashion). Shop around Cat St and Takeshita Dori. Eat some fluffy pancakes at Flippers or be adventurous and try takoyaki. Visit a cat café for a little cuteness and calmness boost (there area also puppy, hedgehog and owl cafes). If you have time walk on over to Yoyogi Park for some nature. We went during the Cherry Blossom bloom which was amazing.
If you still have energy that evening go bar hoping that night in Shinjuku Golden Gai area and check out the massive amount of tiny bars and restaurants.

Day Five: If you are a nerdy gal like me visiting Akihabara is a MUST. Go for all things gaming, anime and manga and stop by the local chain Don Quijote for everything from Japanese whiskey, electronics, skin care products and more! Then do a little day shopping in Odaiba if you are a shopaholic! That night go bar hoping or grab a drink somewhere fancy in Shibuya but not before walking the famous Shibuya crossing!

Day Six: As you know this didn’t happen but if it did I would suggest a visit to the Digital Art Museum for amazing visual art. That night go out for a nice dinner and maybe end your stay with karaoke!

Overall I loved Tokyo and it is easily in my top five places to visit. It’s clean, the people are polite, there is so much to do and it’s really an innovative culture (I MUST have a heated toilet). The downside? Clothes shopping for anyone over a size 6 might be challenging but not totally impossible. Next month I’ll give a guide to my time in Seoul, South Korea!

Beta Reader Request

If you like book one of my Paranormal World Series, Mystic Bonds, and want a chance to read the second book, still in draft form, for free, please reach out to me. I’m looking for beta readers of my edited novel before I finalize it for the summer release. If selected I would need your feedback by May 8th!

Here’s a summary! Spoiler alerts below if you haven’t read book one!

Amina Langston, life mage extraordinaire, is on the verge of a break down. Her brother was murdered by a hell escapee who had allies she must uncover, her relationship with the werejackal is estranged, her friend was arrested for murder, and another friend has gone missing. To add to her troubles, she was forced to compete in the ultimate magic competition against her new enemy, Phillip Leal. The loser will have to bow down to the winner and being that Phillip is a cruel and ruthless egomaniac, Amina can’t afford to lose.

And if that wasn’t enough, right before the conclusion of the competition, Amina and Phillip are magically banished to another place with no ability to get home. Forced to team up to survive, the reluctant duo must fight off ghosts, dark fairies and other paranormal beings, who were all sent to kill them, while finding a way home and solving the mystery of their magical connection. Can Amina and Phillip put aside their differences before they get themselves killed?

Author Spotlight

If you are craving more paranormal reads until Book 2 comes out this summer of my Paranormal World Series, check out author Katherine Gilbert’s new novel, Unearthly Remains!

A werewolf, a witch, and a vampire walk into a murder scene . . .

Sgt. Marilyn Jaye of Supernatural Oversight (the investigative unit for all things which bump a bit too much in the night) is having a frustrating day. What should have been a simple case of a murdered ghoul has spun entirely out of control. It’s bad enough that she’s getting distracted from her investigations by her unreasonable attraction to Henry, a young werewolf with a terrible case of PTSD (Post-Turn Stress Disorder), especially since every Tom, Fang, and Hairy (previously known as her sensible friends) tells her she’s destined to be with him. Worse, her distraction allows a second murder victim to turn up, one of the gentlemanly Victorian vampires who lives in Highgate Cemetery. If that isn’t enough, the vicious werewolf who attacked and turned Henry is still on the loose. London’s creatures of the night seem to be in trouble, and it’s her job to protect them.

Marilyn is determined to find the killer and the rogue wolf, but she’ll need a lot of help. That will include her friends, Hanover (Henry’s handsome Alpha and Marilyn’s ex-lover) and Julius Beer (a vampire who watches over his distressed comrades in Highgate from his ornate mausoleum). Also alternately helping or annoying her are the other members of the S.O., including her powerful sorcerer boss, the eternal spirit of Romantic poet William Blake, her ex-NYPD partner, a pool (yes, an actual pool) of secretarial sirens, and an imp who’s in love with a cat. Even Henry has to tag along. And they better solve the case soon, because the killer has made it clear that she’s the next target.

This humorous, cross-genre paranormal mystery/urban fantasy/paranormal romance will make you fall in love with all of London’s quirky supernatural residents. Find more on the book here!

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