May Newsletter: Seoul, Mystic Journeys and More!

In this month’s newsletter I do a recap of my trip to Seoul, Korea, talk Mystic Journeys: Paranormal World, Book Two (I’ll be needing ARC readers) and spotlight some books.


Let me start by saying my experience in Seoul was OK. I had the highest expectation for this trip because I’m a lover of K dramas and Korean food.

Things took a bit of bad start because the air quality was not that great. Apparently, there are issues with pollution from nearby China. My traveling buddy got pretty sick from it and it did limit all that we did.

Night One: We stayed at the L7 Meyongdong by Lotte Hotel. This hotel is really nice and the rooms weren’t too small. They also have a buffet style restaurant. And if you are a makeup and skincare junkie the Meyongdong area is for you. You can find many products at VERY good prices.

That night we went to the Itaewon district since it was a Saturday night and we wanted to go out for dinner and cocktails. This area is more of the international area where a lot of expats and military people go so its more diversified. It was also recommended as a good nightlife area for the over 30 set as there are bars that don’t allow people over the age of 30 in. However an incident of being turned away because we were over 30 made us not want to take too many chances on other areas at night.

Well, that coupled with the many challenges we had in catching a cab as we were often turned away by cabbies. There is a known history of racism towards Black and Brown people and an overall less than friendly attitude to non Koreans in general. However, this was not everyone. I met some really friendly people but the discrimination did leave a bitter taste in my mouth.

Day One: We went to the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) and I was as close as I ever plan to be to North Korea.

Day Two: We did a full day tour of Seoul and had a really friendly tour guide. Seeing the changing of the guards and touring Gyeongbokgung palace is a must. Also visit the lovely Insadong antique street for shopping and tea houses.

Day Three: We went to Seoul Tower and Namsen Park which is a must just for the views alone. Also check out nearby Namdemun for cheap street shopping and yummy street food.

Day Four: We had to do shopping. Listen: When I tell you shopping is serious in South Korea I mean it. You can shop all day AND night. We made the mistake of going to the Dongdaemun district during the day for shopping. There was good shopping there but it really doesn’t come alive until night. Like 10 p.m. until 5 a.m.! So many of the malls weren’t open yet in the area. There are hundreds of stores all in walking distance. Do yourself a favor and go at night.

Hope this recap helps. Now I’m focusing on planning my next trip!

Mystic Journeys

Book Two of my Paranormal Worlds series is on the way. I’m currently going through another round of edits after receiving my much appreciated beta readers’ feedback. Here’s a summary of book two:

Amina Langston, life mage extraordinaire, is on the verge of a break down. Bent on seeking revenge for the death of someone close to her, handling her estranged relationship with her werejackal boyfriend, and defending a friend arrested for murder; she’s at her end. To add to her troubles, she’s forced to compete in the ultimate magic competition against her new enemy, Phillip Leal. The loser will have to give up control to the winner and being that Phillip is a cruel and ruthless egomaniac, Amina can’t afford to lose.

However, right before the conclusion of the competition, Amina and Phillip are magically banished from home with no ability to get back. Forced to team up to survive, the reluctant duo must fight off ghosts, dark fairies and other paranormal beings who were all sent to kill them. Can Amina and Phillip put aside their differences and get home before they get themselves killed?

Contact me if you are interested in reviewing the final product as an ARC reader. And if you’ve read book one please leave a review! If you haven’t read book one, check out my new group free books promotion! Also I’m looking for beta readers for book 2.5.

Books to Read!

Fate Forged (Bound Magic Book 1) by B.P. Donigan

Growing up on the streets of Boston, Maeve O’Neill learned to rely only on herself. Paying the rent isn’t glamorous, but her life is on a better track—until she starts having agonizing visions of torture. Desperate to rid herself of the paralyzing episodes, she follows her visions to the scene of a murder.

Instead of answers, she gets an unexpected gift from the victim: Magic. With the unwanted power, Maeve becomes the access point to all of Earth’s untapped magic. Now, powerful enemies are after her and staying alive means striking a bargain with an untrustworthy ally with a long-shot plan. Maeve has to keep the magic in check until she can get rid of it, but her control is slipping and everything could go wrong. If the plan fails, her unlikely ally betrays her, or her enemies catch her, she’ll be handing over all of Earth’s magic…and her life.

The Steel Falcon, Book One: Awakening by N.K. Quinn

Kalum Walker lives in the shadow of his athletic older brother. Scrawny and prone to panic attacks, he’s a far cry from the superheroes he doodles in his notebook. When his brother steals his meds to help calm his game time nerves, he doesn’t put up a fight. After all, the fate of his family rides on his brother’s performance. But without his pills, Kalum’s blackouts begin getting worse… and a disturbing voice inside his head starts urging him into some dangerous situations.

When a blackout-related encounter with bullies puts him in a hospital bed, he starts to notice mysterious bruises all over his body. As he learns of a masked crusader serving up a new kind of justice outside the Corporation compound, he realizes the vigilante bears a striking resemblance to his superheroic sketches. Locked in a battle with the voice inside his head, Kalum must solve the mystery of the infamous Steel Falcon and save his brother before he loses control for good.

Next month we talk Mystic Journeys and more!

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