July Newsletter: Down by the Ocean and a Character Profile

This month I do a short get-away recap and a character profile from my Paranormal World Series.


I’m from Maryland but my family is from Florida so it’s not so surprising that I’ve never gone to Ocean City. Until now. I’m a cosmo gal but I was coerced into checking out Ocean City and ending my beach snobbery. So here’s a quick recap of things to do for the beach snob beyond beach lounging (which is great).

Do a nice sunset dinner. We went to The Hobbit where I had one of the best crab cakes ever and the view is very nice.

Sing some karaoke at the Sandbar, Full disclosure, we didn’t get to make it here but it was on the list and apparently there is karaoke every night.

Have a crab feast. Check out Higgins Crab House. I had snow crab legs because I like to go against the grain but the boyfriend had the all you can eat crabs. As part of the all you can eat you also get corn, hush puppies, fried chicken and french fries. Be prepared to roll out of there.

Go dancing. Check out Fager’s Island for dinner, another good water view with a gazebo, fire pit area, DJ room and a room with live music. However, don’t leave the O.C. without checking out Secrets. Day or night. It’s huge with many rooms, in doors and out, and different music, DJs (multiple) and live bands.

Get a massage for something different beyond miniature golf or outlet shopping.

Visit another nearby beach. O.C. is not too far from Bethany, maybe thirty minutes, and Rehoboth so it might be worth a day trip or split your time.

So this trip was no Negril but I had a nice time for more of a local getaway.

Book update: Character Study

As I write I always do an outline of each main character. I write a description of what they look like, their personality and any celebrities or TV/Movie/cartoon characters that I am inspired by for my characters.

This month I’m sharing a character study of Charles Langston. Charles is Amina’s, the main character, younger brother. He’s a bit of a nerd who worked I.T. in the Pre-World (the time before magic). It is ironic that when magic took over he became a technology mage. As a technology mage, he is able to bring electricity and internet back online, since those went out when magic returned and can now only be restored via magic. He also has a specialty of developing magic based weaponry.

He’s gone through significant changes in his life, has a romance with Lisa Xu, a fairy, and is part of the special Six. The Six are a fated group of magical individuals who are meant to save the world from any great threats. Charles is awkward, sarcastic and funny. He is Amina’s rock and only family.

When I visualize Charles here are some of the actors that pop into my head.

Alfred Enoch- I liked him in How to Get Away With Murder and he just has that innocent, well-meaning look to him that I see in Charles.

Michael B. Jordan circa the Fantastic Four- The movie was, eh, but the character has an excitement for life and is a younger brother which embodies Charles.

Ichigo from Bleach– I’m an anime fan so I had to throw this character in. He fights all the way for his friends and has a high sense of right and wrong. Charles would move mountains for his sister and that’s clearly shown in book one.

Thanks for reading. Next month I talk San Francisco and a snippet from my novella, book three!

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