August Newsletter: San Francisco Quick Trip Recap, ARC Request and Author Spotlight

It’s August and I’m already mourning summer. I don’t want it to go. 100 degree weather and all. I’ll crawl through heat exhaustion before I rejoice for temps below 50.

This month I do a quick feature on my short trip to San Francisco and discuss book 3 in my Paranormal World series!


If you are short on time while visiting San Francisco here are my tips for the nerdy urbanista. There is something for everyone in San Fran but they all aren’t close together. It’s best to plan ahead to make the best use of your time if you’re only going to be there a short while. In this case I chose activities near each other.


We stayed at the Stanford Court which is a good location to shopping, cable cars and the famous Chinatown area. The hotel was very nice but be warned there is no taxi stand. There is the expectation that people just do uber/lyft. Not sure if that is a hotel thing or San Fran thing. It wasn’t a big deal but get the app if you don’t have it.


San Francisco is a big foodie town. Go for seafood, Chinese food (and pastries) and Mexican for certain. Some highlights:

Fog Harbor- In the touristy Pier 39 area, come for some great seafood, drinks and nice sunset views.

X & Y Szechuan Restaurant- Visit this yummy Chinese food restaurant which boast visits from President Obama. It’s nothing fancy but don’t let that dissuade you. There can be a wait to get in but it moves fairly quickly.

If you have time for a drink go around the corner to Li Po Cocktail lounge, put higher on the map by the late Anthony Bourdain.


Ice Cream Museum– not sure why such a delicious place exists but I’m glad it does.

Shopping – If you are a shopper like me check out Union Square, Westfield Shopping mall. Also, don’t forget Chinatown for more unique items. Chinatown in San Francisco is on another level than others in the country. Some parts of it even have the feel of walking in another country. Also worth a look is Japantown.

Exploratorium – I didn’t get to check out this because I got tired after a long day but if you can, check out the adult nights for a low key but educational nightlife option.

And if you can make it also visit Alcatrez, see the Golden Gate Bridge and Fisherman’s Wharf.

All in all, a fun city that I’d like to return to with more time!

Book Three is on the Way!

And I’m looking for readers to look at the book in advance for an honest review on Amazon and Goodreads just in time for the October release! The actual cover isn’t ready yet but it’s on the way!

Mystic Realms, A Paranormal World Novella.

Lisa Xu was just on the cusp of becoming a major style influencer when the supernatural apocalypse came and changed her life forever. Becoming a fairy and learning she’s a part of a special Six meant to save the world is so not what she signed up for. After losing yet another loved one to the chaos of the new world, Lisa takes an offer from an old friend to finally visit the Fae Realm as an escape. However, there is more to this land than the marbled streets and sprinkled treats and Lisa must fight off a dark presence on her trail and make a decision that could devastate her life and those she left behind in the Human Realm. Top that off with a handsome Elven King out to woo her for possibly sinister motives and Lisa’s dream vacation has become more of a nightmare. This hairdresser from Jersey is so not cut out for this new world but she’s going to have to step up if she plans to survive.

If you can read and provide a review by the end of September please contact me!

Author Spotlight

The Harrowing (Call of the Sirens, Book 3)

To celebrate the launch, The Harvest (Book 1) will be free and The Hunt (Book 2) will be $0.99 from August 7-11th. The Harrowing will be $2.99 for the first week of launch.

Iris never expected to live her life trapped on land. Nor was she prepared for what she would find there. A siren isn’t supposed to fall in love with her prey.  

And war with the underwater world is coming. As the human and siren worlds collide, Iris must choose a side. Will she save the life of the human boy she loves and his world or lose her chance at humanity forever?

Till next time. As always if you enjoy my books please leave a review! And for more information on all things travel, nerd life and my life see my social media pages on facebook, instagram and twitter.

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