October Newsletter: Horror Anime, Teaser, and Author Spotlight

This month’s newsletter is jam packed as this is my favorite month of the year! I talk my favorite horror anime , give a teaser from my novella Mystic Realms out next month, and spotlight some new urban fantasy/paranormal romance authors.


I’ve mentioned in a couple of my newsletters that I am an anime lover and that it has inspired my writing. Although horror anime is not as popular, if you consider yourself a horror lover I would encourage you to check out some of my favorite horror anime series, many of which are available on main streaming services. Here are my top five that gave me the creeps:

  1. Corpse Party– Spoiler alert, the party was cut short. Based on a video game, this is about high schoolers trapped in an abandoned haunted school filled with murderous ghosts. Good if you like ghosts and gore. Find it on YouTube.
  2. Shiki– Based on a novel and manga, this is set in a small town where a doctor tries to find out what is killing people. Hint, look to the strange family that just moved in town. Great if you like mystery and the paranormal. Find it on Hulu
  3. Yamishibai– A unique series of very short japanese ghost stories. Great if you like ghost stories, jump scares and urban legends. Find it on Crunchyroll.
  4. Junji Ito Collection– Anthology series based on the manga works of horror creator Junji Ito. Great if you like weird and creepy. Find it on Funimation and Crunchyroll. Bonus: His work Uzumaki will be premiering on Toonami on Cartoon Network in 2020.
  5. Attack on Titan– Very few anime would have me holding my breath but this one scared me when I saw the first episode. Set in a world where hard-to-kill giants eat people, you’ll be rooting for the characters. This is no Jack and the Beanstalk. Great if you like character driven plots, great story lines, action and suspense. Find it on Hulu and just the first season on Netflix.

Mystic Realms

As promised here’s a quick snippet from my latest novella in the Paranormal World Series:

She thought of the man she left behind. Chuck, no Charles. She kept repeating his name in her head several times a day so that she wouldn’t forget it. However, remembering his name was the least of her troubles. She was starting to forget his face. That smile. She remembered loving his boyish smile but she couldn’t place it in her mind’s eye anymore. She also couldn’t muster up the fluttery butterflies in her stomach she used to get every time she thought of him.

He used to make her heart beat faster whenever he said flirtatious words to her or made romantic gestures. Like the time he’d brought her a bag of vegetables he’d bought at the market. Just because. Those were more precious than flowers now. Then there was the time that he… That he… Lisa couldn’t remember what she was going to recall about him. She knew he’d done or said something that touched her but she couldn’t bring up the memory.

She squeezed her eyes shut as if it would help her recollection but it didn’t. How could she forget this soon? Charles was supposed to be important to her. She’d have to leave soon if she was going to remember him at all. What if she didn’t even remember that she needed to go home?

No, calm down, Lisa, she told herself. Arwa will remind you because you have to go back and send your friend and her worst enemy away together to a country that may or may not be stable.

The water bubbled in front of her and Lisa opened her eyes, looking down at the dark water. She sat up straight, folding her legs up under her. She’d been in this particular tiny spring all by herself. Had someone gotten in and dipped underwater while her eyes were closed?

She tilted forward a bit and soon long, dark-red hair fanned out on the surface of the water. A head followed, the face obscured by the long hair. An upper body cloaked in a black gown next appeared, attached to the head. Under the hair was an exposed neck and collarbone of pale shimmering skin. Bright pink eyes snapped open behind the stands and Lisa splashed backwards in the water.

Author Spotlight

Silken Scales by Alex Hayes

Idris thinks he only has one problem in life—escaping his dad’s mega plans for his future as a motivational speaker. A doom he can’t see a way to escape. Until Idris morphs into a monster. Foster kid Cadi Rhoswen has finally found a loving home. Then a malicious high school jock turns her whole world upside down. And the next thing she knows, she’s wandering the streets in the middle of winter. Alone.

— Until she discovers a beastly boy hiding in an abandoned nightclub called the Thorny Rose. To change Idris back to his sexy human self, Cadi must reveal a secret she’s been holding close to her heart for as long as she can remember. A secret that will pit them against a deadly army and change their lives forever.

Silken Scales is a modern day Beauty and the Beast retelling and the first novel of the Chameleon Effect series. Young and new adult readers who love fantasy romance with a paranormal twist are sure to love Silken Scales. Available now on Amazon

Buried Magic by TJ Green

White Haven has a history of witchcraft, but the locals don’t know that there are real witches living among them, and Avery is one of them. When she receives an ominous premonition, a rune covered box, and an intriguing letter, all hinting at the mysterious past of her hometown, perched on the Cornish coast, Avery realises that the witches are missing a vital part of their history.

Five missing grimoires. And when the annoying, but very handsome, Alex Bonneville, shares the same premonition, they know that trouble’s coming. Against her better judgement, Avery teams up with the other witches to uncover the truth. Unfortunately, someone will do anything to stop them. Now is the time to uncover the past. Now is the time to reclaim their heritage. And they’ll risk everything to do it. Available now on Amazon.

Claimed by Bella Night

The death of his brother forces Greyson West to take his rightful spot in a pack of outlaw wolf shifters. He accepts his fate in order to protect his family, but when a dangerous encounter brings him face-to-face with his mate, he finds himself risking everything for love. The only problem. . . she’s human.

Etti Blackwell is a smart-mouthed tattoo artist with a fierce independent streak. So when a sexy wolf shifter turns her world upside down, she doesn’t take kindly to it. Greyson may have rescued her, but she doesn’t trust him. It’s his fault she’s on the run from werewolves!

As the pack’s savage Alpha closes in, Grey does the unthinkable to keep Etti safe, triggering a curse so powerful it may just cost them both their lives. Unless . . . Can Grey win Etti’s heart and prove he’s her mate before the next hunter’s moon? Crescent City Wolves will transport fans of Twilight, The Vampire Diaries, and The Originals to a world unlike any other… Available on Amazon

Dracones Awakening by Sheri-Lynn Marean and Laura LaTulipe

As a private investigator, Tierney should be able to locate him, but as an immortal on the cusp of her dragon powers awakening, she knows his disappearance isn’t human related. Have the druid witches that kill without discretion finally found them?

While Tierney searches for her father, the man she loves abandons her. Secrets and lies are revealed, and from skin and scale arises a broken beast of sorrow …
What evil will be uncloaked by ancient magic? Available on Amazon

As always, thanks for your support and if you read my novels please leave a review on Amazon and Goodreads. It really helps! Next month I recap my trip to Curacao and open up the beta reader request for Mystic Awakenings, the third book in the Paranormal World Series.

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