December Newsletter: Free books, sales and more

Happy Holidays lovely people. Even though the cold keeps threatening to take my joy, I’m still going to hold on to some holiday cheer. This month I talk discounts and freebies and my top five fantasy/supernatural (because that’s my thing) Christmas movies. I also bring back my section on Publishing 101.

Favorite Fantasy Holiday Movies

There aren’t too many (outside of the obvious Santa Clause movies…sorry kids), however, here are my top five:

Scrooged– Any rendition of the Christmas Carol is my jam but the Bill Murray one, although super 80s, is still my favorite.

Krampus– It’s only been in recent years that I learned of this scary German-based figure but the movie that came out a few years ago certainly will scare you into being good for goodness sake. This is the dude Santa sends to naughty kids!

Holidays– It’s actually a horror anthology with segments on many of the major holidays and most of the tales are pretty creepy.

Gremlins– This is a no brainer. I actually haven’t seen this movie since I was a little kid, it scared me so bad. I really should give it another go…nah.

Nightmare Before Christmas– Tim Burton’s animation creation is like if Halloween and Christmas had a baby.

A month of Sales

Since it’s the month of giving, I encourage you to take a few dollars and give to your favorite charities or buy some toys for kids in need. And because you’ll be spending a lot on others, I’m largely reducing the cost of the ebook version of two of my novels and for some they will be FREE! Here are the days and sites you can catch my books on sale!

Mystic Journeys– Book Two will be significantly reduced on a countdown sale on Amazon from December 8 to the 15th!

Mystic Realms– My spin-off novella in the series will be FREE on Amazon from December 26 to the 30th.

Stay tuned for future sales and a chance to get an advanced copy of Mystic Awakenings, Book Three!

Publishing 101: Part Two

In my second installment on the process of publishing, I talk editing. I suggest starting with your own simple editing. Write the book, take a step away from it for a bit and then come back. Once that is done you should send to your editor for any developmental/copy editing. This focuses on the flow of your story and making sure there are no inconsistencies in the story line, that the characters are strong, there there is chemistry and so forth.

Next send to beta readers. These are people who read the story and provide feedback, sometimes the same as the developmental editor. In fact, after your first novel, its probably best to send the novel to your beta readers before sending to your editor. The betareaders are fans of the genre you write and maybe even your series. They give me the perspective of what a reader/buyer will take from the novel. Is a character likeable, is their chemistry, is the book boring in spots, was the ending satisfying? They are your audience testers.

Next you’ll send it back to your editor with all the changes you made from the first go round and the beta feedback. After you review and make any additional changes from your editor’s second round of feedback, then read your book out loud. I like to pretend I’m a narrator on Audible and do voices and all. Sometimes I do this earlier as well.

Finally, send the book off to a proofreader. This is key, a proofreader or line editor is looking at this novel to make sure there are no spelling or grammar mistakes. They are there to make sure the product is technically clean and are not as concerned with the substance.

In quick summary, your developmental editor makes sure your story has flow. Your beta makes sure your story has appeal. Your proofreader makes sure your story looks professional. Yes, there are a lot of steps but you want to make sure you have as perfect a product that you can possibly have for your potential readers and buyers!

Until next time! Have a wonderful holiday and if you’ve read my books I’d love it if you could supply a rating and review on Amazon and Goodreads. It’s very helpful to me!

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