February Newsletter: Cover reveal, character profile, Nashville and more!

Winter is still here. I was told there’d be snow but sadly my dreams of a winter wonderland this year seem far and away. However, I’m pushing through to get book 3 (4 if you count the novella) out. This month I reveal the cover to Mystic Awakenings, a new contest, recap my getaway to Nashville, and spotlight another great indie urban fantasy author!


Just as I did last year, the boyfriend and I did another quick long weekend getaway in January. This time we did Nashville. Although much warmer than our Montreal excursion last year, it was still uncomfortably cold. Here’s my speed recap of what to do for a long weekend!

We stayed at the Hilton in downtown Nashville. I got a deal on a suite so it was really comfortable. The location was perfect. We were in walking distance to Broadway with all the bars and Printer’s Alley if you are looking for something a little less…country. We could also walk to the Country Music Hall of Fame museum and the hipster neighborhood of the Gulch (in nicer weather).

The first day we went to the Gulch for some window shopping and lunch. Check out the Mockingbird to grab a bite. We also did the Big Machine Distillery tour on Broadway. Not only do they make their own various alcohols but they are also a music label that first signed Taylor Swift among others! That night we checked out the popular speakeasy (if it’s popular is it even a speak easy anymore?) Patterson House. We had a bit of a wait but it wasn’t too bad. I liked the dark vibe and music. The drinks were good but I had no idea what most of the ingredients were in the drinks!

The next day we had breakfast at Milk and Honey (the best) after waiting in the rain for the popular Biscuit Love. We did the hop on hop off bus tour which I liked and checked out the farmers market (worth a stop). We then did the marathon motors work tours (also a stop on the bus) and went to All of the tastings (be prepared to do nothing after) and later had the popular Princes Hot Chicken (I’m a fan of the really hot option). That night we did Printer’s Alley for some live music.

The next day we did the walk of fame, Johnny Cash Museum, checked out the Parthenon and Athena statute (the tallest statute in the Western World) checked out the popular Goo Goo Candy Shop and some window shopping. That night we checked out Skulls in Printer’s Alley (food, live music and great drinks) and went to the Gulch at Sambuca (with live jazz music) for dinner and Bar Otaku (an anime themed bar) for drinks.

All in all the trip was nice and if you are live music lover then this is the place for you. Side note, Nashville is also known as the bachelorette party capital and we saw a TON of them…really not sure what the draw is for this particular party but they do cater to that crowd!

Cover reveal

Book 3 is finally coming, Mystic Awakenings. I’m aiming for a March 24th release but the book will be available for presale before then.

I’m also looking for readers who will get an advanced copy of the novel for free in exchange for a review on Amazon/Goodreads. If you are interested let me know!

Here’s the summary of the novel:

Someone wants me dead and that’s just the start of my problems.

I finally know the sinister forces behind the many attacks on my life and the other members of The Six. Awakened by the return of magic to the world, the first soulmates want their reigning power back. The only problem? There can only be one strong soulmate pairing at a time and the new soulmates, Phillip and I, are in their way.

With this new knowledge, my friends and I are on the hunt to find the original soulmates and build allies to fight their growing legion.  However, the rising threat of a possible disease that affects only Paranormals, making them primal and violent, distracts us from our mission. When my town’s cruel, new leader enforces a kill law on all those infected, my fight grows even larger. Can I train well enough to battle the first soulmates and stay under the radar of the new leader, all while avoiding becoming the next victim of the Paranormal disease? I don’t have a choice.

Fans of The Originals and The Kate Daniel’s Series will enjoy this paranormal novel filled with adventure, shifters and romance.

New Contest

Sign up for a chance to win tons of free paranormal romance and urban fantasy books, including Mystic Realms, and ereader! Contest ends February 19th so don’t wait!

Author Spotlight

The Fae and the Fallen by Brittni Chenelle

My first kiss nearly killed me—literally

When 80% of the population is gifted with touch magic, it’s best to keep your hands—and your lips—to yourself. Especially if you’re an ungifted serf like I am. 

The problem is, the most dangerous guy at Gifted Fae Academy is the one I want to touch more than anything, even as I draw the attention of the school’s most gorgeous Apprentice Fae. 

When my entry exam leads to the revelation that I may not be as Ungifted as I previously believed… well… surviving until graduation might prove harder than I thought—particularly when a certain fatal touch may be worth the risk.

If you love reading about childhood friends, enemies-to-lovers, royal and celebrity classmates, and everything Fae, then one-click today and fall into this magical new series that’s Gossip Girl meets My Hero Academia!

Till next time and as always, if you’ve read my books I am always appreciative of a review on Amazon. I read them and they help me grow as a writer and know my audience better. And follow me on instagram and facebook for more info.! Thanks!

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