March Newsletter: New Release, Character Profile and Author Spotlight

Book Release and Sales

Book Three, Mystic Awakenings, is finally out (well, for Pre-Order) for the March 24th release! If you want a chance to grab an advanced copy for free in exchange for an honest review click here!

Here’s a quick summary:

We have to save all paranormal kind before it’s too late.

Things were hard enough before, but now that the Original Soulmates are targeting my friends and I… well, things are downright dire.

There are some sights you can never unsee. Visions of my brother, my chosen mate, and my friends meeting their individual gruesome ends? That is something that will stay with me forever. The Originals made me experience the faux tragedies and their message is clear–do things our way or they all die.

The problem is that doing things their way could lead to the genocide of all non-gifted humans and suppression of all paranormals. That’s just not something my group and I can accept. Even if it puts our life at risk, we have to fight for the future–our own and the humans.

But when a sickness arises, driving magical creatures to madness and murder, our attention is divided. The Originals. Their Followers. The sickness. We definitely have our work cut out for us.

So many people to save… so little time to save them.

And if you haven’t read book one of my series, click here to grab a free copy! Next month I’ll be doing a call for betareaders for book 3.5, Mystic Memories.

Character Spotlight

I’m bringing back my character spotlight to give you a little “behind the scenes” information about some of the many characters in my Paranormal World Series. The last time I talked about Charles. This month, we talk Amina Langston, the main character in the first several books of this series.

Amina is a life mage. One who has control over all living beings and natural elements of life and earth. It gives her control over people, plant-life and more. It’s a power that, even ten years into the post-apocalyptic world, she still doesn’t fully understand (but there’s a reason for that).

Besides her power, she is also in a love triangle with her mate, alpha werejackal, Erik Bennet, and her fated soulmate, Phillip Leal. She loves Erik but it seems the fates decided to link her to Phillip, a man she can barely stand. However, their ability to get along might mean life or death for the human race.

Amina is sarcastic, over analytical (it’s the former law student in her), overly hopeful and a bit naive at times. She also suffers from panic attacks that she foolishly ignores, even pushing people away, so that she doesn’t seem weak. The pressure for her to be a hero for the world doesn’t help. The character of Maggie Pierce from Grey’s Anatomy is an influence behind Amina’s personality.

She’s also a compassionate leader and runs towards danger due to her ingrained need to help. As an anime lover, I was inspired by the character of Kagome from my favorite anime series, Inuyasha (you can find part of the series and some of the movies on Netflix if you want to check it out!)

When forming the look of Amina, I thought of the beautiful Yara Shahidi. Young and with amazing curly hair. As a person of color who did not have many (if any) options of seeing brown or black people on the cover of urban fantasy novels, I knew that when I began to write, I needed to have my character on the cover.

I’m thankful to see more diverse books out there in this genre and that I could add to it.

Author Spotlight

Cursed in White (More in Heaven and Earth) by Katherine Gilbert

A lost girl desperate for safety, a wary boy with uncertain loyalties, and comrades who seem more like enemies–can they work together to avoid a paranormal disaster?

For more on the second book in this Paranormal YA series, out March 20th, click here.

Till next time and as always, if you’ve read my books I am always appreciative of a review on Amazon. I read them and they help me grow as a writer and know my audience better. And follow me on instagram and facebook for more info. Thanks!

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