April Newsletter: Phillip profile, contest and new arrivals!

How is everyone using their time indoors? I’ve been writing and reading indie authors and baking! This month I do a character profile on Phillip, and share contests and upcoming book arrivals!

First I’d like to do a special request. If you’ve read my books in the Paranormal World series then I’d love if you could do a quick review on Goodreads and Amazon. As you can imagine reviews are helpful in two ways. One, it helps me grow as a writer. The feedback you give can help me modify and improve my storytelling. Two, it helps me gain more readers who will hopefully enjoy the books as much as you and keeps me in my passion of writing! Thanks for your continued support!


This month’s character profile is all about Phillip Leal. Of all my characters Phillip has gone through the most transformation…for various reasons that I won’t spoil for you. Phillip is suave, sophisticated, and a bit uptight (sometimes reminding me of Niles, from Fraizer). He’s a leader but also selfish. Incredibly smart, he is using his status in this new magical world to take on power he never had in the Pre-World (the time before magic). When writing Phillip, I was inspired by the following characters and people.

In my mind Phillip’s look jumped back and forth between Jesse Williams (Grey’s Anatomy) and Samuel Anderson (Dr. Who and Another Life). Phillip is handsome and clean cut, with eyes that were deceptively kind. Phillip presents himself as if he comes from a place of privilege but actually he had a harder life.

It was his dedication to get out of his life’s circumstances that drove him to become successful, leading him to obtain a college degree and begin getting his M.B.A. before the world went to hell. All on a scholarship. This is what makes him more like the character of Andre from Empire (as portrayed by Trai Byers).

As an anime fan, I was also inspired by the character of Alucard from Hellsing (which you can watch on Hulu). Phillip, like Alucard, becomes an anti-hero through the series. Like Alucard, he has his devotions (Amina) but struggles with cruelty and sadism. His distraction for perfection makes him the perfect victim of evil. While, at heart, he is good, he struggles with inner darkness that threatens to overpower him and weaken the fight against the oncoming threat.

Reader Question: Are you team Phillip or Team Erik (who we will discuss next month)? Email me, or respond on my author Facebook page your vote and reason. Your feedback will assist me in the next book!

Contests and Sales

Sign up to follow me and others on Book Bub and you will be entered to win a free E-reader or a subscription to Kindle Unlimited! Contest ends April 27th! Click here.

Also my novella, Mystic Realms, all about Lisa, will be on Amazon for free from April 21- 25th only! And Mystic Bonds is still reduced to 99 cents!

Up next

I’m finally making the current 3 books in the series (and including the Mystic Realms novella) part of a an E-box set. It’s already out on pre-order set for release on April 27th! If you want a chance to get the collection for free just share this link to your Facebook and tag me or enter here!

Next month I’ll do the cover reveal for Mystic Memories. I’m still open for beta readers. Here’s the synopsis.

Teaser cover of Mystic Memories

Their memories were stolen but what they forgot could get them killed.

Felix Gonzalez was fine navigating the new world created by the magical apocalypse not knowing his past or what he had become. With the power of The Six and his guardian angel, Azrael, he stopped questioning why his mind wasn’t quite right or how he could kill with just a simple touch.

Then he met her.

Francesca Ross always seemed comfortable with her new life as a fairy warrior until her impending nuptials to a king of the underworld draw near. Then an old friend brings news that changes her world and priorities.  

Seizing a way out, she goes on the run to search for answers to her past and meets a man that might change her future. But will the truths they uncover about themselves upset the balance between good and evil?

Till next time. Stay home and stay safe!

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