May Newsletter: Sales, Cover Reveal, Snippet, and Erik’s Profile

It’s May and as I write this the weather is unseasonably cold and I’ve been in in Stay At Home status for almost two months. Sometimes I’m tempted to feel down. I’ve got the every 17 years cicada invasion to look forward to, many canceled trips (le sigh, Portugal) and I won’t even acknowledge the murder hornets. However, I don’t stay down for long. Fortunately I’m not all alone. I’ve got the boyfriend, a cat and a dog to share a space. I am still working, I actually wrote and finished my third novella and my second nephew was born! This year hasn’t gone the way I expected but it has its purpose and I just must figure it out!

This month I reveal my latest book cover, offer a snippet of Mystic Awakenings, give you an insider view of Erik and discuss an amazing new book sale!

All About Erik

Erik has been a consistent character so far in this series. He’s a serious guy (a little too serious) who has a high sense of moral duty to protect those weaker. He was a former soldier, bodyguard and father. Losing his child in the wake of the return of magic into the world impacted him greatly. It made him darker but it also was a large catalyst in why he runs to danger and risks his own life to save others. Sometimes his focus on being a savior can lead him to become too single minded on an effort, which causes conflict with Amina who, at times, gets frustrated with his lack of focus on their overall mission.

I decided to make him a were-jackal because that was a form of were creature I’d rarely heard of in urban fantasy. Although jackals are not as physically imposing as wolves, in the paranormal world they’re just as scary. In fact, Erik, in his were form looks like the mystical Anubis which is frightening enough and then add that he is seven or eight feet tall and he’s pretty imposing.

When I created this character, I didn’t have a specific look of Erik in mind. I was inspired by Keanu Reeves in his John Wick role as far as the personality of Erik. He also has a bit of Jon Snow, from Game of Thrones, in his noble quest to protect and do what is right.

Looks-wise I was heavily inspired by the actors Manu Bennett (from his days in Spartacus, above) or Gerald Butler circa 300, only younger. If there was an actor I’d get to play him, I’d say maybe Henry Cavill, especially after seeing his portrayal in The Witcher, which gave me the energy I imagined for Erik.

So are you team Phillip or team Erik?

Cover Reveal

Next month I’ll be releasing my second novella in the Paranormal World series, Mystic Memories. Here’s the cover! I’m so excited. I’m also looking for ARC readers. If you want an advanced copy in exchange for an honest review, just contact me!

Their memories were stolen but what they forgot could get them killed.

Felix Gonzalez was fine navigating the new world created by the magical apocalypse not knowing his past or what he had become. With the power of The Six and his guardian angel, Azrael, he stopped questioning why his mind wasn’t quite right or how he could kill with just a simple touch.

Then he met her.

Francesca Ross always seemed comfortable with her new life as a fairy warrior until her impending nuptials to a king of the underworld draw near. Then an old friend brings news that changes her world and priorities.  

Seizing a way out, she goes on the run to search for answers to her past and meets a man that might change her future. But will the truths they uncover about themselves upset the balance between good and evil?

Book Sale

Finally, for one week only, I am greatly reducing the price of my current e-box set for Paranormal World. It includes the first three books and novella in the series. Click link for details.

Mystic Awakenings Snippet

Snow began to fall. First in slow flurries, but it quickly turned into a flurry of thick flakes that stuck to the cold ground, blurring our vision. In this new world, blizzards came at the drop of a hat in the winter, so normally I would think nothing of a heavy snow coming as quickly as a flash flood.

However, there was a certain magical electricity in the air that felt unsettling.

Lisa was a seasonal fairy. While she couldn’t control the weather, that was left more for the weather mages, she had certain gifts over weather related attributes such as wind, lightning, or snow.

She looked up at the air, eyes raised in confusion.

Maybe she wasn’t behind this.

Erik sniffed the air and then spun around. His upper lip twitched. He shoved me to the ground and threw out a hand, stopping an invisible force. His hand curled slightly in a clawed motion, and he strained as he pushed against whatever he fought. Erik hunched forward as if succumbing to stomach pain.

We had an invisible attacker.

A hand tightened around my throat.

I thrust out my own hand and sent my attacker flying backward. A sheet of show fluttered low in the air as the invisible body landed on the covered sidewalk.

Erik slashed out with a clawed hand at what looked like the snow-covered frame of an invisible man.

Charles ran forward and tackled the figure to the ground. He opened his mouth wide to bite, and a blazing sword outlined in blue appeared in front of him, seemingly hovering in the air.

“Amina, watch out,” Lisa cried out running towards me.

I turned and was welcomed by an invisible fist to the chin. I stumbled back as a sharp pain rocked my body. However, I held my ground. I summoned a ball of fire in my hand and heaved it towards where I hoped the figure still stood.

Fate was on my side as the ball hit an invisible wall, hopefully, the torso of my attacker.

My attacker yelled, and soon, I saw the translucent appearance of a woman. She fell to her knees, patting away at the left side of her torso, extinguishing the fire.

I summoned another fireball, ready to toss it again, this time at her head.

Gary swooped in from the sky, looking like he was going to gobble the woman up.

Mystic Awakenings, out now!

Till next time. Stay home and stay safe!

Till next time and as always, if you’ve read my books I am always appreciative of a review on Amazon. I read them and they help me grow as a writer and know my audience better. And follow me on instagram and facebook for more info. Thanks!

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