June Newsletter: Felix Spotlight, My favorite LGBTQ+ characters and Deals and Steals

It’s June already! I decided to share one of my most favorite pictures of my nephew to date because it always makes me smile. With all that’s going on the world I know I need it. Usually traveling does the trick or going somewhere where I can drink a pina colada with my toes in the sand, but until that time, I have to make my own happy moments. What are you doing to stay happy in your day to day?

This month holds so many things, so this might be a long newsletter than normal. Happy Pride month, Happy Juneteenth Day, Happy official start of Summer and happy release of the next book in my series! In honor of my new release, Mystic Memories, which, finally, focuses on Felix as a main character, I’m doing a profile on Felix and giving away book 2, Mystic Journeys, FREE for one week only starting June 23rd on Amazon!


It was actually by coincidence that my next book was coming out this month and it’s my most diverse book I’ve written. I have main characters who represent many races and the LGBTQ+ community. I hope to see more representation in the world of fantasy sooner rather than later. In honor of Pride month, who are your favorite LGBTQ+ characters in books/movies/TV?

Mine, hands down, is Lafayette from True Blood (R.I.P. to Nelsan Ellis). I loved the energy he gave off and he was such a complex character. Strong but allowed himself to be emotionally vulnerable. And he was funny.

A close runner up is Klaus Hargreeves/Number 4 from Umbrella Academy. He gives similar vibes as Lafayette with a strong sense of self preservation and unintentional funny.

Who is your favorite LGBTQ+ character in fantasy and why?

Character Profile- Felix

In Mystic Memories, we finally learn about my favorite lovable giant, Felix. When we were first are introduced to him as a teacher in one of the many government controlled towns in the post-apocalyptic America, Amina knew immediately that something wasn’t quite right with him. Felix was book smart and college educated but he had some memory and minor comprehension issues. And by memory, I mean, he has no idea who he was before the world changed ten years prior, other than his name. He also has some censorship issues that could also be connected to his memory and comprehension issues but he’s still lovable. He is loyal and protective to a fault, which puts him in a bad position at the end of book one. Most curious about Felix was his power. We know he has the ability to kill with a simple touch and he can speak to a mysterious voice, we think from heaven. So who is Felix?

When I first wrote Felix, I had no person in mind when I thought of him visually. But then I came across an article on WWE wrestler Roman Reigns after writing book one, I got so excited because he embodied the total look I had in my head. It was uncanny.

Personality wise, I first though of actor Jorge Garcia, best known for his role as Hurley Reyes in Lost. There is this innocent quality about that character that I liked for Felix. He could be a little dense at times, but you never thought Hurley was a bad guy or was out for himself (beyond food which is also Felix’s vice).

Jorge Garcia at “Lost” Live: The Final Celebration, Royce Halll, UCLA, Westwood, CA. 05-13-10 David Edwards/DailyCeleb.com 818-249-4998

In this book you will see way more growth from Felix, you’ll get more insight to his bff Faith (who will get her own spotlight in the future) and you’ll find out about Francesca, a woman who has popped up in two of my books in very brief cameos. She just might hold the answers to Felix’s memory problems.

There are still some books left in my ARC post so check out this link if you’d still like a copy for an honest review!

Speaking of reviews, if you have the time, I really appreciate reviews. I think feedback has really shaped my writing from book one all the way to my most recent works. The more reviews I receive, the better able I am to write stories that truly entertain. I know what works, what doesn’t, what starts discussion and even what direction I want to go based on reviews. Also, reviews keep me going because it helps me know that people are reading and to keep pushing forward. I appreciate you all for taking your time to read my works. This is a life’s dream and it truly makes me happy.

So who is your favorite character so far and why?

Author Spotlights

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Till next time and as always, if you’ve read my books I am always appreciative of a review on Amazon. I read them and they help me grow as a writer and know my audience better. And follow me on instagram and facebook for more info. Thanks!

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