August Newsletter: Vampires, Contest, and New Character Profile!

How’s your summer winding down? One more month to go and even though I didn’t get to travel like I liked, I still got to have some fun. I road tripped to the beach, which was a much needed escape. Find your joy how you can!

This month I discuss my new vampire anthology, seek your help for my next series with a chance to win a prize and discuss all things Lisa, the heroine of Mystic Realms!

What’s Next

As the year winds down I have a lot of projects that will fill up the fall. The first project, which I am so excited about is a limited vampire anthology that will be released in October, available for pre-order now. I, along with several talented authors, will be bringing you tales of vampires, love, action and mystery available for just a short time.

I want to thank my betareaders and line editor for giving me great feedback on my entry, Deathly Touch. Here’s the summary.

With just one touch she could kill.

Jazmine St. Clair’s has lived in isolation most of her life after accidently killing someone at age nine. Socially awkward and shunned by society, she forgot the feeling of human contact. Then one day she finds herself in the center of a series of attacks and kidnappings and meets a vampire that changes her world forever.

Evan Kitagawa was short tempered and directionless as a lower level “undead” vampire. He tolerated his life, never being able to eat, go out in daylight or feel his heartbeat. Then Jazmine’s accidental touch started his heart.

Able to finally enjoy the perks as an elite, “living” vampire, his happiness is short lived when he finds he must be near Jazmine to remain alive. However, Jazmine isn’t jumping to stay close to this dangerous stranger.

Can the two overcome their differences, solve the mysterious attacks and uncover the truth behind their unlikely connection?

Fans of Warm Bodies and My Little Monster will like this YA/ New Adult paranormal novella with romance, mystery and action.

Here is the cover. Click on it for more information! Bite or be bitten.

Character Profile: Lisa

Lisa is a fun character for me. She is, admittedly, inspired by Buffy the Vampire Slayer just updated to today’s time. I mean, imagine what a superficial social media star slash stylist would be like in the supernatural apocalypse? Oh, and also she’s a faerie (or fairy as I spell it in this world). Let’s just say she won’t start out as some warrior princess like Fran of Mystic Memories.

Lisa is light hearted, super confident and stylish. It’s actually perfect that she’s fae, she can use her magic to always look good! However, Lisa’s no pushover. As you may know from the Paranormal World series, when her back is against the wall, she’ll claw her way out. And it doesn’t hurt, that she has a fun little triangle to work out between a slightly geeky vampire/mage and a cursed elven king.

When I thought of her look I immediately was inspired by the actress Brenda Song. This was mostly because of characters she played in several Disney Channel shows that seemed to embody the “girlie-girl” prototype. If my books ever became a Netflix series, I’d actually like Brenda Song to play Lisa!


So, I’m trying to decide who I will write about next as I conclude the Paranormal World series (for now) with Mystic Souls. I have a few spin-off series outlined but I need your help in deciding who will be next. Should I first continue Lisa’s story from Mystic Realms or Fran’s story from Mystic Memories (click here for her character profile)? Lisa still owe’s the elven king, Joo-won, help in breaking his curse or else he gets one of her organs! Then there’s her unresolved feelings for Charles, the vampire/mage. For Fran, she still has a missing memory and someone is behind keeping the truth from her. Not to mention her confusion over her feelings for Felix and her desire to battle to queen of her own dark fae court.

Contact me with your pick and rationale and one lucky winner will receive a Amazon gift card. I will announce the winner in the next newsletter.

More Reading!

Check out these books on sale or FREE on Kindle Unlimited! Click on the banner to find out more.

Till next time and as always, if you’ve read my books I am always appreciative of a review on Amazon and Goodreads. I read them and they help me grow as a writer and know my audience better. Also follow me on instagram and facebook for more info. Thanks!

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