September Newsletter: A new profile, my latest interview and a surprise update.

Hi there! How has your summer been? Have you done things differently as we adjusted to this new normal? I did local travel, hiked, canoed, ate all types of food (and my scale is punishing me for it), exercised outdoors A LOT and, of course, did a ton of writing.

Next month I release, with other amazing authors, my first anthology! After that I’ll be releasing Mystic Souls, the conclusion to the Soulmate Saga! In the meantime, don’t forget I have my box set so you can get the first four books all together at a discount in prep for the final book!

However, I’m also going to be releasing a second edition to Mystic Bonds, the first book in the saga. Why, you may ask? Namely, I’ve grown as a writer since releasing this book and that’s, in part, due to my reader feedback. I also have a new set of editors who have really pushed me. As such, I wanted to give the first book the revisions I think it deserves. I also plan to do an audio book in 2021, so having a version I really want would make it worth it. I’ll be looking for ARC readers as well and a giveaway, so stay tuned!

Finally 2021 will see me starting up a whole new series in the same universe as Paranormal World. If you recall, last time I asked who should get the first series: Lisa or Francesca? I asked for you to submit your responses and rationale. Well, I tallied the votes and my next series will feature….

Francesca! I’ve already started writing! Congrats to Judi, who won the contest! And check out Mystic Memories to get ready for it! Click here for the book!

Also, last month I did my first Instagram interview (yikes!) and if you couldn’t check it out live, here’s a link to it. Learn all about my inspiration, the behind the scenes of my writing and more! Click here to check it out!

Character Profile: Faith

When I thought about the character of Faith, our feisty succubus, I wanted someone who would be tough, no nonsense and have a bit of an anger management problem. She’s a tatted woman from New York who got changed into a being she had to work to control. She works hard at strengthening herself and growing in her abilities. By Mystic Awakenings we see her power do some amazing things (and a nod to Dragon Ball Z, my old school anime fav). When I thought of her, the anime lover in me looked to Rukia from Bleach and Ryuko from Kill La Kill. Both kick butt characters full of confidence and sometimes a little too hard.

Although she can be rough around the edges, Fran’s actually the mother of the group, stopping infighting and giving good advice. And her open and fluid lifestyle, helps make her tolerant of others. It’s why her romances in the books have been pretty broad. I’m glad I got to work in another form of diversity in my novels. When I thought of her look, I knew it had to be the actress Ruby Rose for inspiration.

We will see more growth from Faith in Fran’s book as we watch Faith move from overprotective mother bear and wrestle with her continued distrust of Fran.

Book sales and contests!

Click the image for more information!

Till next time and as always, if you’ve read my books I am always appreciative of a review on Amazon and Goodreads. I read them and they help me grow as a writer and know my audience better. Also follow me on instagram and facebook for more info. Thanks!

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